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New Lincoln Park Coffee Shop Offers Food, Drinks and Atmosphere

Olivia McClure

Lincoln Park’s exciting new coffee shop, Colectivo Coffee, is the perfect spot for those seeking a taste of traditional brews and unconventional concoctions paired with an eclectic, vibrant atmosphere.

With 16 locations already flourishing, the Wisconsin-based chain decided to open its first Chicago location in the heart of historic Lincoln Park. Since the shop’s opening in May, people have been lining up outside its colorful doors for a taste of some of the Midwest’s finest coffee-brewing.

Colectivo Coffee offers customers the chance to try moderately priced, first-rate coffees, espressos, teas and even beers in addition to delicious bakery items and sandwiches. Patrons can purchase conventional drinks such as mochas and macchiatos, or they can try out the shop’s more adventurous beverages, including the “Matcha Latte” or the “Mango Peach Ginger Smoothie.” The shop’s bakery items, which are part of Colectivo’s own “Troubadour Bakery,” are made from scratch and shipped daily from Milwaukee, along with the shop’s coffee collection. The beverages and baked items certainly taste homemade, giving the shop an authentic quality that massive chains like Starbucks are unable to provide.

Olivia McClure

The shop has a notably whimsical vibe, which is enhanced by vibrant hues of blue, green and yellow and bright splashes of red in its interior and exterior design. Its friendly, positive aura and warm, small indoor space beckons visitors to check out the interesting selection of creatively named drinks and treats. With offerings such as “Piccadilly Earl Grey Tea” and golden-baked “Sunshine Buns,” this unconventional spot provides customers with quality and comfort, which is made complete by the addition of a cozy outdoor fire pit on its large patio.

Julia Centracchio, 25, said she loved the shop’s amenities and inviting ambience.

“It’s really cute, it has a really nice patio, [and] there’s a lot of places where you can plug in your laptop,” she said. “It’s just really cute and relaxing.”

Hannah Wolf, 23, said she finally decided to stop by Colectivo Coffee after seeing its easygoing customers and intriguing décor.

“This is the first time I’ve been here, and I’ve walked by a bunch and it just looks really cool,” Wolf said. “I’m a student right now, and I’ve just seen a lot of people working and talking.”

For students, Lincoln Park’s newest coffee shop is the perfect place to spend time studying and socializing during the upcoming school year. With its fun, hip atmosphere and delicious menu, Colectivo Coffee stands out among the rest of Chicago’s coffee shops, making it a must-see for anyone exploring the city this fall.

Colectivo Coffee is located at 2530 N. Clark St. and just a short walk from the Fullerton stop on the CTA Red Line.

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