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“Daily Show” Opens Library of Trump Tweets in Union Station

Miguel RuizVisitors will have the chance to compose their own "Trump tweets."

Trevor Noah and the “Daily Show” team temporarily turned a portion of Union Station’s Great Hall into The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library of Tweets. This not-so-presidential library opened to the public Friday, proudly displaying a collection of ill-advised tweets from President Donald Trump.

The library was brought to Chicago after its huge success in New York City. It’s 100 percent interactive, with a name generator designed to assign you a nickname derived from Trump’s vocabulary and a magnetic wall allowing you to write your own Trump-inspired tweet. The Donald J. Trump Presidential Library of Tweets is a work of art dedicated to the absurdity that has permeated the presidency.

Miguel RuizThe “Daily Show” exhibit is located in Union Station and will only last until Sunday, Oct. 22. Miguel Ruiz

When guests first enter the exhibit, they’re ushered into a small theatre to watch a short introductory video narrated by Desi Lydic, a “Daily Show” correspondent. Afterward, the random name generator creates a name that Trump might have given guests. The rest of the exhibit is a compilation of tweets, ranging from topics such as former President Barack Obama’s “real” birthplace, to Trump’s rant on the body type of those who drink Diet Coke. Trump’s inaugural cake is also on display and composed of styrofoam with just one piece of edible cake at the bottom.

The PHOENIX got the chance to speak to two Daily Show correspondents who were at the library’s premiere. Among them was Michael Kosta, best known for his impeccable Trump impersonation, who said he believes “The Daily Show’s” exhibit will shine a light on Trump’s ridiculous tweets.

“It’s really just to place gravity on what the president actually says,” Kosta said. “When you can see it all in one place, it really gives you a whole new perspective.”

Dulcé Sloan, an up and coming comedian from Montreal and “Daily Show correspondent, said she sees the exhibit as Noah’s reminder to the country about what Trump gets away with saying.

“I think that Trevor Noah just really wanted people to see that this man is an idiot,” Sloan said. “When you see the tweets just going and going … it’s very easy to forget. But when you see everything presented in a very serious way, you can see the gravity of what he’s doing.”

Miguel RuizCelebrities on the “Wall of Survivors” include Seth Meyers and Mark Cuban. Miguel Ruiz

The library also features a “Wall of Survivors,” which pays tribute to those who overcame the onslaught of negative tweets from the president. Each celebrity has his or her own story to tell, which you can hear through headsets attached to the wall. From Stephen King to Touré, the list of celebrities targeted by Trump is astounding.

The White House did not immediately return a request for comment at the time of publication.

The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library is only open Oct. 20 – 22, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., so students interested in the exhibit should hurry to Canal Street and experience the hilarious assembly of tweets for themselves.

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