Drive-By Shooting Off Campus Goes Under the Radar

Monika Kordek | The PHOENIXA shooting was reported near Albion and Lakewood avenues earlier this month.

A man was shot at in his car just two blocks from Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus, but Loyola Campus Safety chose not to notify students and staff.

Multiple shots were fired at a man in a car next to the CTA Red Line tracks near West Albion Avenue and North Lakewood Avenue at 9 p.m. Sept. 4. The man wasn’t hit and the two offenders fled before police arrived, according to Chicago Police Department (CPD) News Affairs Officer Nicole Trainor.

Campus Safety didn’t send an alert to students and staff about the shooting, but CPD did respond and filed a report of the incident.

“Everyone is trained from a young age to call 911 if something happens,” said Campus Safety Sgt. Tim Cunningham. “They’re not always trained to call us.”

Campus Safety is required by the Clery Act to report all crimes reported to its department, but doesn’t have to report crimes reported only to CPD. Under the Clery Act, Campus Safety is required to issue a timely warning to students of any crime “that represents an ongoing threat to the safety of students or employees,” if the crime occurred on or immediately adjacent to school property.

Cunningham said the incident occurred far enough away from campus that Campus Safety wouldn’t have been required to notify students.

While the shooting didn’t involve Loyola students, it occurred in an area where many students live. Some students were in their apartment just feet from where the shots rang out.

Junior advertising and public relations major Carolyn Fogleman was in her apartment on West Albion Avenue with her roommates when they heard the gunfire.

“I didn’t see anything because we had our blinds drawn, but we heard six consecutive, really loud bangs,” Fogleman said. “We didn’t go out to look until … a half hour later, as our friend was leaving, and … there was a car and its back window was completely shattered. The whole neighborhood was out there, and so we asked our neighbor and they said that a car had driven by and had fired six shots into the back of this guy’s car as he was in it.”

This isn’t the first violent crime that occurred near campus since the start of the semester. There were 10 reports of violent crimes in Campus Safety’s jurisdiction since Aug. 21, none of which were reported to the Loyola community.

Several incidents of criminal sexual abuse by an offender riding a bicycle were reported from Sept. 3-24 in neighborhoods, including one occurrence in Rogers Park, according to a CPD community alert sent to The PHOENIX by Campus Safety. A 25 to 40-year-old male groped women in nine separate incidents while riding past them on a bicycle and fled before police arrived.

While the offender hasn’t been caught, the incidents occurred outside Campus Safety’s jurisdiction, which doesn’t require them to notify students and staff under the Clery Act.

The drive-by shooting on Sept. 4 occurred at the same intersection where Loyola graduate student Mutahir Rauf was shot and killed almost three years ago.

Rauf and his younger brother were approached by a man who attempted to rob them. After a struggle ensued between Rauf and the offender, Rauf was shot twice. He died at the scene.

Rauf’s murder was unsolved as of 2016.

Correction: This article has been updated. An earlier version of this story stated that Campus Safety was unaware of the shooting, but the Phoenix was later informed that they were.

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