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Fat Chris’s Pizza is a Slice of Heaven

Melanie GorskiFat Chris's trademark is Detroit style pizza, something many Chicagoans have never tried.

With hundreds of pizza spots in Chicago, you might think “enough is enough.” But Fat Chris’s Pizza and Such(sic),a nearby Andersonville pizzeria that opened Sept. 16, might make you think again.

Fat Chris’s located at 1706 W Foster Ave has a “neighborhood spot” feeling about it, thanks to the light blue walls, red light fixtures, pipes and brick. The atmosphere screams “Chicago” — a painting of the Blues Brothers and the Cubs’ famous “W” flag hang on the walls.

The restaurant is owned by three brothers: Michael, Chris and Nick Milazzo. They have experience working in pizza restaurants and said they always wanted to open up their own. After years of living in separate states and working in different industries, the brothers came together to finally accomplish their goal.

“We were talking about how rough our jobs were and how we should go ahead and do the pizza place, so we started planning it and decided to do it out here in Chicago,” Nick said.

From the decor to the tip jar that reads, “We knead the dough,” one can tell this is a relaxed place that loves a little humor. Even the name, inspired by Chris’ recent weight loss, displays the fun vibe of Fat Chris’s. The overall space is quite large and could seat approximately 60 people. There’s also a roll of paper towels on each table — which you’ll probably need.

The North Side pizza joint is serving up a slice that some Chicagoans may have never tried before: Detroit-style.

The pizza is cooked in a square, steel pan. The crust is thick, yet crisp on the bottom. Cheese and toppings are placed directly on the crust, and tomato sauce is poured on top. The cheese that melts over onto the side and bottom of the pan and then crisps in the oven only makes the taste better. Each layer of the pizza works together to create a satisfying blend of textures and flavors.

“People are going crazy for the Detroit-style,” Nick said.

Another popular menu item is Fat Chris’s “Chubbies,” breadsticks filled with cheese and other toppings. The pepperoni Chubbies, which are rolled breadsticks topped with garlic and filled with cheese and pepperoni, are especially delicious.

Even though Fat Chris’s has only been open for a short time, it has become a favorite for some in the neighborhood, including Brian Scanlon, a public defender who lives in Andersonville.

“I love it. I’ve never had what they call their Detroit-style pizza. I’ll be back again,” Scanlon said.

Scanlon has visited Fat Chris’s three times since it opened, and he’s not the only one enjoying the new neighborhood pizzeria.

“It’s been going really well,” Nick said. “We’re getting more and more business everyday. This last weekend was our second weekend open and we blew our first weekend away.”

Fat Chris’s is a great place to go if you’re looking for casual dining and great pizza at a reasonable price — $3 per slice is certainly within the college student budget. While visiting Fat Chris’s, you get the sense that each member of the team genuinely enjoys making pizza, which is a lively atmosphere to be a part of.

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