Loyola Introduces Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Courtesy of Dominique OchoaLoyola President Jo Ann Rooney speaks to the freshman Class of 2021 at convocation during Welcome Week in August 2017.

Loyola will release a university-wide survey on diversity and inclusion Oct. 31, according to an email announcement to the Loyola community Monday morning by President Jo Ann Rooney.

The “Diversity and Inclusion Campus Climate Survey” will run from Oct. 31 to Nov. 17.

Signed by Rooney and Vice President for Human Resources Winifred L. Williams, the email said the survey, available to students and staff, will help Loyola foster a more culturally aware and equitable environment.

The announcement was unclear as to what types of questions will be on the survey, but explained that the survey will “provide better understanding about the current climate and identify opportunities for improvement.”

Focus groups made up of faculty and student leadership groups have been held in preparation for the survey, the announcement said. Results will be shared with members of the university in January 2018 and will provide “action focused outcomes,” according to the announcement. Following the results of the survey, Loyola will use action planning teams to analyze the results and proceed as they see fit.

Several incentives, such as pizza parties and gift cards, were mentioned in the notice in order to reach the administration’s goal of 100 percent participation.

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