Intercampus Shuttle Involved in Minor Accident

Carly Behm | The PHOENIXAn intercampus shuttle sideswiped a utility truck this morning around 9:45 a.m.

An intercampus shuttle was involved in a minor accident this morning while transporting Loyola students to the Water Tower Campus (WTC).

The shuttle was driving south on Sheridan Road Nov. 13 from the Lake Shore Campus when it sideswiped a utility truck around 9:45 a.m. The shuttle’s right side mirror was knocked off and part of the windshield was shattered.

About 15 minutes after the accident, an empty shuttle arrived to transport the students from the damaged shuttle to the WTC.

Senior Peter Vandendriessche, a communications major, was sitting near the front of the shuttle when the accident occurred.

“I heard … a super loud crash and glass shattering,” Vandendriessche said. “I looked over at the driver and you could tell she knew she’d hit something. I thought we hit a car, or maybe a car’s mirror.”

Gretchen Carey, the manager of campus transportation, didn’t immediately return The PHOENIX’s request for comment.

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