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New Wicker Park Brunch Restaurant Yolk is Worth a Visit

Anthony Ciraci

Located between nutritious and delicious, Wicker Park’s new brunch restaurant, Yolk (1819 W. Division St.), invites in the famished with fresh coffee and hearty breakfast foods. Folks from Indiana, Texas, and even Chicago have experienced the Yolk chain, and now it’s coming to Wicker Park. This new location promises to bring in a more modern flare on traditional American cuisine.

Natural lighting in the restaurant creates a remarkably comfortable atmosphere.  Modern furniture and vibrant colors are abundant, but not too extreme. Coffee is brewed fresh upon arrival, and smiles from the wait staff are pleasant and welcoming. Great service and an ideal dining area are only half of the allure. Excellent food and large portions are staples of this restaurant.

Yolk’s Croque Madame was an effortlessly delicious sampling of the finest the restaurant has to offer. The French dish consists of turkey and ham in between two slices of French toast topped with an egg. The meat had a phenomenal flavor, particularly for a restaurant that isn’t meat-based. Smoky and rich in flavor, the meat blended excellent with the creamy swiss cheese. The French toast wasn’t doused in confectioner’s sugar or drenched with syrup, but rather dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon. The coffee was as pure as coffee can be, with a light flare of exotic aroma and a kick strong enough to wake up a student for an 8 a.m. class. Yolk’s forte is to present delicious food without overloading the diners’ senses.

Too many restaurants today feel the need to drench everything in sugar or disguise lack of quality with unhealthy quantities. Yolk, on the other hand, doesn’t succumb to these dreadful standards. The restaurant’s food is simple, yet expertly seasoned and prepared. The menu is reasonably priced with five-egg omelets for $14, or a smoked salmon scrambler for $13.

A first time customer to Yolk will surely appreciate the unique qualities of the restaurant. Neither bustling nor deserted, Yolk offers a safe haven from the cold outdoors. Unlike other Yolk locations, this location exemplifies “the continued growth and attraction of Wicker Park,” claims Wicker Park resident Chris Degnan. Some of the feedback from the other locations includes such praise as “the best breakfast we have eaten in Chicago” and “one of the best brunches ever”. The restaurant is sure to draw a crowd as people become aware of the new location. Accessibility can be an issue for students without a car, but you can get there by taking the red line down to Division and Clark, and then hopping on the CTA 70 bus, heading west until the Wood stop. Ready your appetites, Ramblers, and head down to Wicker Park to try Yolk out. The real “foodies” of Chicago who visit won’t be disappointed.

Yolk operates from 6 a.m.-3p.m. on weekdays, and 7 a.m.-3 p.m. on weekends.

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