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Redman’s Ramblings: My Opinion Doesn’t Matter, But… I’m Going to Say it Anyway

Courtesy of Keith AllisonThe Milwaukee Bucks were right to fire head coach Jason Kidd Jan. 22. Kidd had a 139-152 record as Milwaukee’s coach and it was time for a change in leadership.

The Eagles are our only hope

I definitely underestimated the Philadelphia Eagles. And by underestimating the Eagles, I disrespected Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

They seemed dead in the water after their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, tore his ACL Dec. 17. I never thought they’d be able to beat the reigning NFC champion, the Atlanta Falcons, and I definitely didn’t think they would be able to beat the Minnesota Vikings, who won their previous game in what has become known as the “Minneapolis Miracle.”

But they accomplished all those things — however improbable it was — mostly because of their coaching staff. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has clearly done a great job coaching his team. How would you do if you lost your starting quarterback in the final weeks of the season? It’s probable you wouldn’t take that team to the Super Bowl.

Doug Pederson did it with Nick Foles. Let me repeat that, he did it with NICK FOLES. The same Nick Foles who threw seven touchdowns and ten interceptions in 11 games two years ago with the Los Angeles Rams.

And now this Eagles team — with Nick Foles at the helm — will go against the dark side, the evil empire, the bad guys: the New England Patriots.

I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t want to see Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots hoist another Lombardi trophy.

So please Eagles, I may have underestimated you in the past, but you’re our only hope.

The Milwaukee Bucks made the right choice

The Milwaukee Bucks fired head coach Jason Kidd Jan. 22. They made the right decision. Kidd had been ruining the Bucks on both ends of the floor, but especially on defense. Watching the Bucks play defense was maddening (although not as maddening as it’s been watching my Cavs play defense). They would miss switches and blow assignments left and right.

The Bucks are currently clinging to a playoff spot with the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. That success is mostly on the back of the team’s young star, Giannis Antetokounmpo — the Greek Freak.

Antetokounmpo has carried this team to the eighth seed, despite Kidd sabotaging the team at every turn. Imagine what this bright young player can be if he has a real coach behind him.

Antetokounmpo won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award in 2017 and has only continued to improve. With Kidd out the door, he can become one of the top-five players in the league right now.

Julie Ertz’s reaction to the Eagles’ win is awesome

Zach Ertz plays tight end for the Super Bowl-bound Philadelphia Eagles. Julie Ertz plays midfielder for the United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT).

While Zach was leading the Eagles in receiving with eight receptions for 93 yards, Julie was scoring a goal in the USWNT’s 5-1 win over Denmark.

After the game, Julie found out her husband — Zach — was going to the Super Bowl and broke down while she celebrated with her teammates.

Julie Ertz is a member of one of the most successful teams in American sports. She has won a World Cup, the peak of international soccer, so seeing her react to her husband reaching the peak of his sport is cool. Aside from being an athletic super-couple, the two of them supporting each other, in each of their careers, is cool and part of the reason why sports are so much fun.

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