Loyola Receives $10 Million Gift

Courtesy of Loyola ChicagoAudrey G. Ratner is a Loyola alumna. Her daughter, Jennifer Pritzker, donated $10 million to the university in her mothers name.

Loyola alumna Colonel Jennifer N. Pritzker donated $10 million to the university through the TAWANI Foundation, Loyola announced Wednesday in a press release.

Pritzker donated the gift to honor her mother and Loyola alumna, Audrey G. Ratner, according to a press release from director of executive and strategic communication Christian Anderson.

The Audrey G. Ratner Endowments will go toward scholarships and stipends for Loyola ROTC students, veterans at Loyola, children of veterans and students studying to be teachers. Some of the money will also be used to support Loyola Hillel House, which serves Jewish students, and a fund to support research on reading disorders in Loyola’s School of Education, according to the press release.

The endowment will also match future donations to Loyola for some areas. Donations to Loyola’s ROTC program, office of Military Veteran Student Services, President’s Innovation Fund, Future Teacher’s Fund and learning disorder research will be matched up to $5 million dollars by the TAWANI Foundation.

Ratner graduated in 1978 with a bachelor of science in education. She also gave financial support to Loyola’s School of Education and received the Heart of Loyola Award. This award honors people who exemplify Jesuit values in service, according to the press release.

She taught at Francis Parker School where she brought new academic approaches for kindergartners through fifth grade. Ratner also taught at the Jewish Children’s Bureau of Chicago and was on committees for Jewish groups in Chicago and Cleveland.

Pritzker and Ratner both graduated from Loyola as adults. Ratner was born in 1929 so she went back to get her degree.

Pritzker graduated Loyola in 1979 with a bachelor’s of arts in history. She founded the investment group, TAWANI Enterprises. Before that, she served in the U.S. Army from 1974 to 1985. She then served in the U.S. Army Reserve and Illinois Army National Guard until March 2001.

Loyola President Jo Ann Rooney said in the press release she’s grateful to Pritzker for the gift.

“The Audrey Ratner Endowments create, sustain and grow opportunities and strong programming for generations of students across Loyola … and will provide new insights and approaches to reading disorders,” Rooney said. “It also pays eloquent tribute to the legacy of Audrey Ratner who has worked endlessly as an educator and philanthropist to ensure access to quality education for those who experience economic and other challenges.”

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