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Student Songwriter Behind Men’s Basketball Theme Song Discusses the Team’s Tournament Run

Hanako Maki | The PHOENIX

On March 22, Carson Shanks, a player on Loyola’s men’s basketball team tweeted the link to a song titled “Band of Wolves,” along with the caption, “We have our own rap song, we win.” The song was said to have been anonymously sent to Shanks’ teammate Marques Townes prior to Shanks posting it on social media.

The PHOENIX sat down with the song’s creator to talk about the inspiration behind it.

Zovan Hogue, a 21-year-old senior at Loyola, posted the song dedicated to the Loyola men’s basketball team on his SoundCloud March 23 ahead of the Loyola vs. Kansas State University game March 24.

Zovan HogueZovan Hogue is the songwriter behind “Band of Wolves.” Zovan Hogue

Hogue goes by the name Magnanimous on SoundCloud. He said he’s been creating music with his friends since freshman year and has released roughly forty songs and four mixtapes. He was inspired to write “Band of Wolves” after seeing all the excitement around campus. The creation process was a long one, according to Hogue.

“After [the] Tennessee [game] my friend called me about how they had two straight buzzer beater games,” Hogue said. “He helped me with the bars. We stayed up for three days straight trying to write.”

“Band of Wolves” fits into the hip-hop genre, creating a unique sound for the Ramblers. Hogue said he wanted the song to sound a particular way, which he strived to accomplish by implementing trap/hip-hop beat.

“My in-house producer makes old school sample beats. I looked online and found a producer who made trap beats,” Hogue said.

Despite the song’s deceivingly simple construction, Hogue said it took him several tries to perfect the final version.

“I made four different versions of it,” Hogue said. “I have a version where I wrote a bar about every player on the team, but I couldn’t make it work with the flow.”

He also talked about the Ramblers’ outstanding season. “It’s crazy. Every game was so close,” he said. “There’s just so much energy around campus.”

And who is Hogue’s favorite team member? Sister Jean.

“With God you just have the world working with you,” Hogue said. “You can definitely tell with the team. They’re holding onto something.”

Hogue is confident the Ramblers will defeat Michigan. “I just feel it,” he said. “That’s why I wrote a whole championship song … I just want them to embrace that championship moment.”

Rambler fans can find “Band of Wolves” on Soundcloud at

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