Your Jesuit Education

Courtesy of Rob HartArrupe College, a two-year associate’s degree program for students who cannot afford college, celebrated the graduation of its first class of 159 students on Aug. 12, 2017 Courtesy of Rob Hart

Today you join a long line of world-changers — the 480-year old Jesuit mission established by St. Ignatius of Loyola. In 16th-century Europe, Ignatius and his colleagues committed together to propagating a faith that included art and science and reason and rhetoric as integral to faith.

Their mission fused Renaissance humanism and Christianity in a model focused not only creating good students, but also on creating good people. For Ignatius, grounding the Jesuit mission in education was the most effective way to bring good into the larger world. They believed in education’s potential to foster pietas, that is, good character–the whole person. They balanced research and study, contemplation and conversation, with active engagement in the world.

We call this “civil discourse”– the heart of the Jesuit mission of education.

There has never been a greater need for this kind of learning, and this kind of leadership. In fractured times in which rancor seems to outshout reason, your Jesuit education provides steady, deep skills of continuous learning and thoughtful discourse based on respect for all individuals.

Education will help you make a good living; your Jesuit education will help you fashion a good life. We celebrate your accomplishments at Loyola. We eagerly anticipate your accomplishments to come. We honor and celebrate you this week: leaders who will go forth and do good in a multitude of ways, united in a commitment to serve others and build a better world for all.

Congratulations, Class of 2018, and Go Ramblers!


Dr. Jo Ann Rooney

President, Loyola University Chicago

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