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Glossier Opens New Pop-Up Location in West Loop

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier, birthed from the blog “Into the Gloss” by former Vogue intern Emily Weiss, has brought a refreshing perspective to the beauty industry through their products. 

Beauty and skincare company Glossier focuses on skincare and makeup that leave a sheer, glossy finish on the skin.

The company started as an e-commerce store with the help of Kristin Green, founding partner of Forerunner Ventures, a venture capital firm that secured the initial funding for the first round of Glossier products. Although the majority of Glossier’s business happens online, Glossier has kept fans engaged by installing showrooms around the world. 

After finally opening their brick and mortar location in New York City, Glossier has opened pop-up showrooms in Portland, Los Angeles and London.

Due to increasing demands Glossier was given $52 million in series C funding, where a company receives a third round of funding after proving lucrative. Since receiving funds in February from venture capital partners, the company’s horizons have broadened to new cities and products. 

Glossier recently unveiled its newest product, a mascara labeled Lash Slick, and opened a pop-up location in Chicago at 114 N. Aberdeen St. 

The Glossier Chicago showroom will be open to the public through Oct. 28. 

Teasing the forthcoming pop-up shop in Chicago, Glossier posted a picture on Instagram of Chicago’s iconic Cloud Gate appearing as the brand’s perfume package. When the time came for the doors to officially open, Glossier loyalists stood outside waiting with anticipation for what was in store for them. 

“We’ve been waiting all summer — since May, honestly — after [the company] posted a picture of Glossier’s YOU [perfume] as the Bean,” Kate Marchal, a 15-year-old from Chicago, said. 

On the mirrors of the West Loop showroom, the slogan “You Look Good” is plastered in white letters, greeting first-time customers and Glossier fans as they try products. Boy Brow, an eyebrow gel, a powder called Wowder and Lidstar, an eyeshadow cream, sit on white pedestals in a variety of shades. 

Decorating the showroom’s walls are large-scale portraits by Chicago photographer Deun Ivory. Her photos showcase some of Chicago’s leading female creatives wearing Glossier, such as the photographer Elizabeth De La Piedra and artist Mia Ghogho. 

The Glossier Chicago showroom gives customers a chance to try before they buy and an opportunity to interact with the Glossier Team on a personal level. The showroom employee’s, draped in millennial pink jumpsuits, act as consultants and offer a helping hand to those struggling to find the right lipstick shade for themselves or a friend. 

After a customer selects the products they wish to purchase, a pink-clad employee will complete the order with an iPad before heading to the back of the store to prepare the order. With every order, customers receive one of the brand’s trademark pink pouches, as well as Glossier stickers, free samples of the Milk Jelly Cleanser and Glossier You eau de parfum packaged up in a bag with one’s name on it.

Customers such as Harley Ebbing appreciate the store for its affordability.

“My favorite part [about Glossier] is it’s not that expensive for makeup,” 16-year-old Harley said. “The mascara is in the drugstore-range of mascara prices.” 

Glossier’s skincare and makeup products range from $9 to $65 — the travel-size Milk Jelly Cleanser sits at the lower end of the scale, while the Super Pack face serums are at the more expensive end.

Those visiting the Glossier Chicago Showroom were encouraged to seize every photo opportunity. Guests were also welcome to leave comments and jot down memories in the guest ledger, as well as take home commemorative pins and stickers. 

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