Ask Amy

Ask Amy

Dear students,

My name is Amy — not really, but this is what you will know me as — and I am very excited to become part of The Phoenix and Loyola communities. I am here to answer any and every question you have, while offering my advice and insight on whatever concern, question and doubt you send my way. I will talk to you about anything and everything, from telling you how to get better at time management and giving you tips on how to succeed on nailing an internship to advising you that no, you should not stay in that toxic friendship/relationship that is not letting you live your own independent and healthy life.

Don’t worry, it will all be anonymous — all I need is a name to address, but you can make it up, just like I have. The Phoenix and I want to respect your privacy, just like we hope you respect mine. We also want you to be engaged and interested, so please submit your questions to or on Twitter at @askamyphoenix.

I’m very excited to receive your submissions and hope you enjoy reading my column every week.

– Amy

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