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Love, Tito’s Activation: A Vodka with Virtue

Tito Beveridge, the founder of Tito’s Vodka, embodies the phrase “Do what you love and the rest will come.”

Previously a mortgage broker, Beveridge began building his own micro-distillery and producing America’s original craft vodka out of pure love for alcohol so smooth that it could be sipped straight.

Produced from yellow corn, the taste stands out among other vodkas made from cheaper alternatives, such as wheat and potatoes. This makes Tito’s a naturally Gluten-Free and Kosher vodka, making it perfect for people with Celiac Disease, a gluten intolerance, or Kosher needs.

As an entrepreneur, Beveridge understands the challenges and struggles that come with the dream of creating something of quality. With this in mind, the company believes in turning the profits of their spirits by spreading “love and goodness”. It was for this reason Tito started “Love, Tito’s.” The program supports non-profit organizations locally and globally through donations, event sponsorships and volunteer opportunities.

Over Lollapalooza weekend, Love, Tito’s program chose to partner with The Bunker Lab, a non-profit that offers educational programs and resources to help military veterans and their families in entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Love, Tito’s installation took place in the south cocktail lounge between Perry’s Stage and the Grant Park Stage.

“We wanted it to look really different and design forward,” Jess from the Participation Agency said. “We tried to use the least amount of materials to make the greatest impact.”

Festival-goers could grab a drink, weave their own constellation — by following Tito’s story with strings looped around wooden pegs — and make a digital time capsule video promising to better themselves and their community. The more people engage with digital time capsule, the larger Tito’s extends its donation to their philanthropic partner.

After a year, each video recorded in the Love, Tito’s activation will be sent to those who participated to remind them of their promise and keep them on track-something most brands can’t keep up with. As Tito’s keeps its philanthropic promise to partners and employees, they also work hard to keep up with their fans.

The Love, Tito’s Activation has been featured at other music festivals, including Governors Ball at Randall’s Island, New York. The program will also make appearances at Outside Lands in San Francisco and Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas. 


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