Campus Safety Takes Man Into Custody Following Panic Alarm

Courtesy of Tony WebsterThe 24-year-old was shot and killed Monday night. The shooting is the second Rogers Park has seen in a span of three days.

A man who isn’t affiliated with Loyola was taken into custody by Campus Safety officers after they responded to a “panic alarm” in Halas Recreation Center around 12:15 p.m. Sept. 19, Campus Safety said.

Some Loyola computers are equipped with an alarm that notifies Campus Safety when it’s set off, and officers then respond in person.

Campus Safety didn’t offer further information, but a Chicago Police Department spokesperson said the man, 32, was arrested for one misdemeanor count of trespassing after entering the location without permission.

First-year Lily Buchen, who said she saw the incident, was standing by the front desk in Damen Student Center when she heard commotion and saw a group of people standing near Halas. She saw three Campus Safety officers “wrestle” a man to the ground while he resisted, she said.

B Venard, a junior, said three Campus Safety officers were “tackling” the man, who she described as a white man covered in grime and dirt. She also said the man resisted and the cops “scrambled” to bring him to the ground.

Buchen said employees in Damen were trying to urge students to keep walking despite the scene. Buchen said she heard the man say “No one gave me a restraining order against Loyola University Chicago.”

Buchen said she passed the scene and later saw Campus Safety officers leading the man out of the building. She said she couldn’t tell if the man was handcuffed.

Venard said as Campus Safety officers escorted the man out of the building, she heard the man say “The cops are trying to kill me” and described him as “disheveled.”

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