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Dragonball Z Hits the Big Screen During Fathom Events Showings

Marcello Piccinini | The PhoenixTicket holders received an exclusive trading card, which featured Broly on the front and back of the card.

Entertainment content provider Fathom Events held special showings of the 1993 anime film “Dragonball Z: Broly — The Legendary Super Saiyan” at AMC Rosemont 18 Sept. 15 and 17.

According to a Fathom Events press release, remastered versions of “Broly — The Legendary Super Saiyan” were shown across 650 select theaters in the U.S. The movie runs an hour and 20 minutes, with the remastered version featuring the soundtrack from the movie’s original Japanese airing. 

The plot of “Broly — The Legendary Super Saiyan” followed Dragonball’s main character, a Saiyan named Son Goku, as he’s told of a being terrorizing large swathes of the universe. With the aid of his friends and family, Son Goku sets out on a mission to put a stop to the carnage.

Son Goku is obsessed with fighting and eager to face strong opponents, while Broly is battle-hungry with the intent to destroy anything in his path. 

“It’s the power struggle that Goku constantly goes through when fighting strong enemies that keeps me interested,” sophomore biology major Andrew Bonje, an Anime Club member, said. “Even when you know Goku will always come through, you still watch it because you are curious about what happens next.” 

The English dub of the movie was used for the event, featuring voice actors Sean Schemmel as Son Goku, Stephanie Nadolny as Son Gohan, and Vic Mignogna as Broly.

Ticket holders received an exclusive Dragonball Super trading card as they arrived. The card featured the movie’s main antagonist, Broly, on the front and back of the card in both his regular and transformed forms.

Seeing a Dragonball movie on a cinema screen captured the intensity of the action sequences the series is known for. Even if one has watched the movie multiple times online, seeing the action unfold in a theater made the viewing experience better. Watching the action occur on a cinema screen with cinema speakers elevated the experience beyond anything that one would receive from a home television set.

The Saiyan Double Feature, the second event in Fathom Events’ lineup, is expected to showcase the 1990 movie “Dragonball Z: Bardock — Father of Goku” and the 1995 movie “Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn.” 

These films are scheduled to show at 650 U.S. theaters Nov. 3 and 5. Chicago locations include AMC River East 21 and Regal Webster Place 11. 

Dragonball became a sensation in the West during its run on Toonami, a program on Cartoon Network known for airing animes, in the late-1990s. It made its way into the childhoods of many young adults today. 

“I grew up with Dragonball Z,” junior finance and public relations major David Majek, a Dragonball fan, said. “The action scenes were amazing and it just resonated with me. Out of the three movies being shown, I like Fusion Reborn the most because the artwork looks really good and the fight scenes are so intense.” 

These events are in anticipation of the U.S. release of the new Dragonball movie “Dragonball Super: Broly” in January 2019. 

The movie is expected to showcase Broly in a never before seen way. Unlike the original 1993 movie, which depicted Broly as a seemingly weak Saiyan struggling to keep his power under control, Broly will debut in the new movie with an all-new backstory and character design conceived by series creator Akira Toriyama. 

With the special screening of two more Dragonball movies scheduled, Dragonball fans will have plenty of content to wet their palettes until the release of the new movie.

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