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UPDATE: Supposed Phishing Email Confirmed as Legitimate by Student Activities and Greek Affairs

Students received a phishing email to their Loyola email accounts Jan. 27.

An email suspected by some students to be a phishing scam from Loyola’s Student Activities and Greek Affairs (SAGA) has been confirmed as an official university email by Troy Stephens Jr., coordinator of sorority and fraternity life.

The email was at 2 a.m. Sept. 4 to 1,500 students within Loyola’s sorority and fraternity life, Stephens said in an email to the Phoenix. The email, sent on behalf of Stephens and SAGA, was a survey sent through a third party.

The email asked students to participate in an online survey regarding their experience with sororities and fraternities at Loyola, according to a copy of the email obtained by the Phoenix. Two links were provided for users to access: one providing the link to the survey and the other intended for students wishing to opt out of future emails.

At Loyola, phishing emails are often designed as though they were sent by Loyola officials or departments requesting student ID’s and passwords. Over the past year, 3,000 Loyola emails have been compromised according to Loyola Information Security Officer, James Pardonek.  

Students should send any email they suspect to be phishing as an attachment to datasecurity@luc.edu, according to Paronek. Loyola’s Information Security blog provides a list of recently reported phishing incidents.

This story has been updated to represent that the email was confirmed as legitimate. A previous version of the story said the email was a phishing scam.

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