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North Coast Evacuated Due to Severe Weather

Emily Rosca | The Phoenix

North Coast Music Festival (NCMF) was evacuated Friday around 8:05 p.m. due to severe weather.

Among the artists scheduled to perform tonight were Miguel, Axwell Ingrosso and the Cool Kids.

An announcement was broadcast throughout the festival grounds postponing the concerts, urging attendees to seek shelter in cars, CTA stations or local establishments.

When the rain didn’t let up, NCMF tweeted, “Due to sustained severe weather in the area, NCMF will not reopen 8/31.”

“I was dancing in the rain, but when it comes to North Coast, it’s a smaller festival, so it makes sense to shut it down,” Enrique Escarpita, 25, said. “I was really disappointed. I really wanted to see Axwell Ingrosso. We definitely wanted to stay for the [whole] time, but you can’t control Mother Nature. She wins.”


Festival-goers evacuating made it nearly impossible to leave the grounds. Attendees said the CTA Green Line Ashland stop was full and ride-sharing services such as Uber were difficult to find.

“Everyone was trying to get an Uber, trying to get on the train. People were driving crazy,” Loyola sophomore, Noah Gothard said. “We tried to get an Uber, and the Uber just kind of left us. I think he saw how wet we were and didn’t want us to come in.”

NCMF is expected to continue as scheduled Sept. 1-2.

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