Loyola Student Shatters Front Doors of Marquette Hall

Alanna Demetrius | The PhoenixA Loyola student shattered the front doors of Marquette Residence Hall Friday morning.

A Loyola student shattered the front doors of Marquette Residence Hall, located at 6255 North Kenmore Avenue, with rocks around 3:30 a.m. Friday, officials said.

Campus Safety responded to the incident, requesting medical attention for the student and notifying facilities of the needed repair, according to Loyola communication specialist Sarah Howell. It is unclear why the student needed medical attention. 

Residents of Marquette, a co-ed, upperclassmen residence hall, were notified of the incident around 4 p.m. — about 13 hours after it happened — through an email, which was obtained by The Phoenix. The email confirmed the doors were fixed and the university knew which student was responsible.

Emily Marinac, a 20-year-old studying social work, lives in Marquette. Marinac said she first heard about the incident after waking up to texts from her friends. Later, she went outside and looked at the door herself.

“The front entrance was completely shattered … you could walk through it,” Marinac said.

Marinac said she felt the incident was handled “ridiculously” because of the length of time it took the university to inform Marquette residents of what happened. 

“We had no idea what was going on in our home and I felt unsafe as a resident,” Marinac said. 

Marinac said this feeling was heightened by the recent spike of violent crime in Rogers Park, particularly a spree of fatal shootings which occurred around a month ago.

“I think that the context of having a lot that’s going on in Rogers Park right now really makes people jump to the worst possible conclusion and I think that it was the administration’s responsibility to put that down and make sure that students, or at least Marquette residents, were aware that was not what was going on,” the sophomore said.

In the past, Loyola’s Residence Life hasn’t reported incidents of vandalism if the perpetrator is known and students aren’t in danger, Howell said. However, she said Residence Life is revisiting this process after receiving ongoing safety concerns from students and parents.

“There was no intent to withhold information from the community,” Howell said.

It’s unclear whether the student who broke the doors lives in the residence hall, what their motive was and whether they were under the influence. According Howell, this information is confidential.

Before the door was repaired, students were told to enter Marquette through the side garage door according to a sign posted on the residence hall’s fence attributed to Residence Life.

Howell added an investigation is required to determine the student’s responsibility in the incident. If the student is found to have violated Loyola’s community standards, their punishment will be decided based on the investigation’s findings and their past conduct history.

Clair McDonald, assistant director of communications at Residence Life — who runs the residence halls on campus — referred The Phoenix to the university’s marketing and communications team. The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, Campus Safety and Kana Henning of the Department of Facilities did not respond to The Phoenix’s request for comment.

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