Troye Sivan Blossoms in Bloom Tour

Carly Behm | The Phoenix

Fans gathered at the Chicago Theatre (175 N. State St.) with lines draping down the street to see Australian singer Troye Sivan perform for his Bloom Tour Oct. 19. 

The show was sold out — something Sivan said he noticed.

“The gays are all out tonight,” he said to the eager crowd.

Sivan came out as gay as a teen and built his initial fanbase on YouTube, according to a profile by The New York Times. Sivan is confidently gay and stands out among other LGBTQ pop stars since he was out publicly before his career kicked off, the profile said.

“Bloom,” Sivan’s second studio album was released Aug. 31. His debut album, “Blue Neighbourhood” was released in 2015 and his song, “YOUTH” was a platinum hit, according to The New York Times. 

Sivan’s show included other LGBTQ artists. Carlie Hanson, a Wisconsin native, and Kim Petras, from Germany, opened the show with thumping pop songs. 

Hanson, clad in a green two-piece tracksuit, warmed up the audience with singles including “Why Did You Lie?” and “Toxins.” Hanson is the newest artist of the bunch, and her first single was released in 2017. She recently opened up about her past relationship with a woman in an interview with Windy City Times. 

Petras is a well-known transgender artist, but she’s faced criticism for working with Dr. Luke, according to Billboard. Singer Kesha accused Dr. Luke of sexual assault, The Phoenix previously reported. 

However, this controversy didn’t cloud Petras’ performance.

Petras performed her staple hit, “I Don’t Want It At All,” as well as spooky songs from her new Halloween-themed album, “TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1.” Her energy demanded the audience’s attention, got them on their feet and prepared them for Sivan’s performance.

After Hanson and Petras’ performances, Sivan took to the stage singing “Seventeen,” the first track from “Bloom.” His set included a blend of new songs from “Bloom” and older hits from “Blue Neighbourhood.”

A vibrant light show illuminated the venue with vertical poles washing the audience in color and haze. They flickered like fireflies as Sivan performed “The Good Side,” a haunting melody reminiscent of eighties English band The Smiths. When he performed “HEAVEN,” a single from “Blue Neighbourhood,” squares of light flashed in a vibrant rainbow for the LGBTQ anthem.

The electric-pop singer spoke candidly about his coming out process before performing “HEAVEN.” Sivan said he knew he was gay when he was around 12 years old, but he told himself he would wait before coming out.

“If I still have this crush on Zac Efron in two years, I will tell everyone,” Sivan said to the audience.

This anticipation is the inspiration behind the song lyric “counting to 15” from “HEAVEN,” and Sivan had the audience sing the line with him during the performance. 

Sivan wore his pride on his sleeve, and many members of the audience did too. Some waved rainbow flags during the performance, and one group displayed a large pride flag over the balcony.  

With that pride came an infectious joy which spread throughout the theater. Concertgoers sang and danced along with Sivan as the beats reverberated through the floor.

Sivan saved “My My My!” and “YOUTH,” two of his biggest hits, for the end of the concert. Audience members were ecstatic when the familiar opening chords in “My My My!” played, and nearly everyone was on their feet, relishing the show’s final moments.

Sivan commented on the crowd’s unrelenting positive energy, which was just as rambunctious toward the end as it was in the beginning.     

“I think this is my favorite show so far,” he said. 

Sivan, Hanson and Petras’ music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

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