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“Replay” the Good Old Days Over Some Drinks with Some “Friends”

Marcello Piccinini | The PhoenixThe "Friends" pop-up bar offers themed drinks and activities for fans of the popular television show.

Arcade bar Replay Lincoln Park (2833 N. Sheffield Ave.) opened a pop-up bar in the “Level Up Tap” room based on the popular show “Friends” Nov. 9.

“Friends” was well received by viewers during its airing from 1994 to 2004, and has become the standard for sitcoms ever since. People young and old have gravitated to the show because of its rendition of young adult life and its relatability to new viewers, which was aided by Netflix releasing all seasons on its service in January 2015.

Alcoholic drinks were featured on the “The One With Alcohol In It” menu, which is exclusive to the event such as the “How You Doin,” made of Italian Amaro Barspoon, Maker’s Mark, Luxardo Cordial, Aberna and Chocolate Bitters, and “Mama’s Lil Cheesecake,” made of Vanilla Stoli, Strawberry Pucker, Cream, Simple and Lemon.

All drinks are named after scenes or quotes from the show’s characters. There were also draft beers on a separate menu. No matter one’s familiarity with the show, attendees are bound to have a good time when surrounded by friends of their own.

“Friends”-themed artwork from local artists was on sale at the pop-up bar. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase stickers with the artwork for $5 each or a full print of the artwork for $20 each.

Televisions throughout the bar featured scenes from the “Friends” series, with one television playing the “Baywatch” opening credits continuously. Attendees were also able to take pictures on a couch surrounded by cardboard cutouts of the “Friends” cast or with a purple-painted door meant to resemble the door to Monica’s apartment, a character in “Friends.”

A photo booth and foosball table were available for attendees who wanted to commemorate the occasion with a photo or partake in some friendly competition. If guests wanted to relax with their drink, a “Friends”-themed seating area located behind a row of arcade machines was available.

During the afternoon, not many attendees were at the pop-up bar, even on a Friday. However, more people tend to come when the sun goes down and the street lights flicker on. For a more lively experience, coming at night would probably be best.

The pop-up bar also held special events, such as ’90s karaoke available every Wednesday, and the “Friends”-themed drinking game “Cups,” which requires players to draw rated cards and see who has the higher rating. Cups is played every Sunday with the bartender for the opportunity to win free shots.

Bar-goers could also play classic arcade games such as “Terminator 2 Judgement Day,” “Ms. Pac Man,” “Street Fighter II: Champion Edition,” “Tron,” “Tekken Tag Team” and more, which are at Replay anytime.

The pop-up bar will be open through Nov. 25.


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