The Music Beat: Playlist Picks for Autumn

The Music Beat is a column from Jesus Socorro about concerts and his music interests.

As irritated college students finish their infamous midterm exams, they may forget finals are patiently waiting around the corner. The only way to get through the next month of studying is with the help of coffee, food and music.

Many people enjoy listening to music throughout the day, and the right playlist can make an activity enjoyable. A lot of people find it very useful to listen to music while doing homework or studying. Usually, it’s more relaxing music, like indie or alternative pop. 

Others prefer not to listen to music while studying, but it can still play a huge role in the day’s mood. Usually, I need the right music to be playing in order for me to get out of bed without hating the world. 

Listening to sad songs oftentimes gives me refuge when I’m feeling frustrated or down. Many people are sensitive to music, which can help in a myriad of ways.

With the help of various playlists for activities ranging from studying to partying, I created my own playlists with some of my favorite songs. My playlists have a variety of genres, with a song for nearly every situation. Whether you use Apple Music, Spotify or SoundCloud to stream music, my playlists are still available for you. But I suggest listening to all three because not all songs are the same.

On Apple Music and Spotify, you’ll find a mixture of well-known pop songs, including Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman,” as well as some good songs from rising artists Billie Eilish and NAO. I’ve been a huge fan of Eilish’s angelic voice for years now, and I’m excited her fanbase is growing. SoundCloud is where you’ll find lots of remixes and alternative-pop songs with catchy beats and lyrics.

These playlists have gotten me through this semester so far, from school-related issues to personal life situations. So I thought I’d add more songs and share them with other students. If you found these playlists useful, please reach out to The Phoenix’s Arts and Entertainment editors, Emily Rosca and Carly Behm, and I will create more. As you know, the holidays are approaching, which means artists are preparing to release new music.

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