The Phoenix Post-Election Postmortem

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Pritzker V. Rauner

The economic problems of the state proved to be Bruce Rauner’s undoing. Now that the Democrats once again have control over every elected office of Illinois, they have a real opportunity to implement the reforms they campaigned for this election cycle. However, the J.B. Pritzker administration will most likely push for more minor reforms, leaving sweeping change to future governors.


Raoul V. Harold

Kwame Raoul, a rising star in the Illinois Democratic Party, managed to keep the office of the Illinois Attorney General under Democratic control. Of course, Raoul may prove to be much more popular than his predecessor. And he’ll have the ability to craft a public image his predecessor never had, which will ultimately prove to be very valuable to a rising figure like Raoul.


Frerichs V. Dodge

Perhaps the most unsurprising result in Illinois, Michael Frerichs defeated his almost non-existent opponent Jim Dodge. This sound victory will go on to serve Frerichs well, who isn’t shy about his ambition to rise beyond the his office. The question now is, does Frerichs have enough political support  to actually reach his ambitions, or at least, for now, does he have to be content with the Treasurer’s Office?


Hawley V. McCaskill

While certainly an important victory for the Republicans, this was also perhaps one of their most predictable wins. However, Claire McCaskill‘s loss will make a potential 2020 Democratic control of the Senate more difficult, and the chances of Republicans maintaining the Senate in the long term is increased by this win.


Braun V. Donnelly

A more surprising Republican victory, considering Joe Donnelly was a popular conservative Democrat, both candidates campaigned on their support, or at least cooperation with, Donald Trump. But this election showed that, despite their history electing Democrats, Indiana is still a solid Republican state.


Cruz V. O’Rourke

In what was always perhaps a Democratic pipe dream, Beto O’Rourke was showed an impressive turnout at the polls, considering he was a Democrat running in Texas. Of course, O’Rourke holding his own against Ted Cruz could mean he will still be in the limelight, perhaps running for other positions in 2020.


Kemp V. Abrams

This race was stolen, plain and simple. Brian Kemp, using his authority as the Secretary of State, removed thousands of predominantly African American and minority voters from the voter rolls. In essence, Kemp stopped Stacey Abrams’ supporters from voting. But neither received a majority, and they will go into a runoff.

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