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Letter From the Editor: Changes to our staff but not to our reporting

Hanako MakiFormer Managing Editor Christopher Hacker and Editor-In-Chief Henry Redman at the 2018 Illinois College Press Association conference.

Welcome back to campus Ramblers. Here we are at second semester, my last semester at Loyola. 

It’s weird I’m almost done with my four years at Loyola and at The Phoenix. 

This semester comes with some changes to our staff. 

Our previous Opinion Editor, Arian Ahmadpour graduated in December and has jumped into the world of Chicago democratic politics.

Arian’s replacement will be Reid Willis and his unique voice will greatly benefit our Opinion section. 

We’ve also lost our Managing Editor, my second-in-comand, Christopher Hacker. 

Chris has been working for the paper since we were sophomores and has contributed greatly to the content and direction of our reporting. 

I met Chris our first year at Loyola when some of our friends had the bright idea to start a satirical newspaper at Loyola. 

Since then, he’s become one of my closest friends here. I’m grateful I got to spend a semester running this paper with him. 

I received a Christmas gift this year that combines two of my favorite things in the world: beer and newspapers. It’s an old newspaper ad for Schlitz beer. But on the back of the ad is a little piece that had run in whatever paper the ad is from. The piece described the role of an editor. 

“By an unsuccessful contributor: a malignant person, utterly devoid of literary discrimination or taste … by  a successful contributor: a keen but amiable man, who holds the key to the treasury. A friend in need.” 

Chris has definitely been the key to The Phoenix’s treasury as he’s mentored and guided and shaped our staff and our paper. 

However, as one of my best friends he’s absolutely a malignant person, utterly devoid of literary discrimination or taste. 

The Phoenix will miss Chris, but we’ll be just as successful with Michael McDevitt as Managing Editor. 

We have big plans for you this semester. 

Those big plans start with this week’s paper. 

We have the story on how Rogers Park businesses are recovering after they were destroyed by fire during winter break. 

We have a deep dive into a woman who has shaped Rogers Park-Loyola communications for decades. 

Arts and Entertainment has the story of how a few Loyola graduates have started a podcast in which they interview comedians about the state they’re from. 

Sports has the update on the men’s basketball team’s start to conference play and more on the team’s improvement since we left in December. 

We have a great paper for you, enjoy. 

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