Postgame — Week of January 23: Wild MVC Basketball Race, Women’s Basketball Picks Up Sweep

Nick Schultz | The PhoenixFirst-year guard Cooper Kaifes follows through on a shot as the crowd looks on.

Sports editor Nick Schultz sits down with assistant sports editor Abby Schnable and sports writer Kyle Brown to break down where the Loyola men’s basketball team sits in the Missouri Valley Conference standings. They also discuss the women’s basketball team’s 3-2 start to conference play and the men’s volleyball team’s upset of then-No. 5 Pepperdine.

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Maddy Baltas is a senior film and digital media major hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. After her brief stint as a sports writer, she moved into the digital space as The Phoenix’s content manager. In her free time, Maddy binge-watches reality TV and listens to her favorite podcast, The Morning Toast.

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