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From the Editor’s Desk: I leave my cave, The Phoenix leaves the spotlight

Alanna Demetrius | The PhoenixLoyola students react to first-year guard Cooper Kaifes' first-half buzzer-beater against Drake.

This Tuesday — The Phoenix’s production night — was the first time I’ve been to class since the polar vortex last week. 

With classes being canceled Wednesday and Thursday, and my expert scheduling giving me Mondays and Fridays a day off from classes, I was able to spend an entire week in the comfort and warmth of either my home or a post-Super Bowl food coma. 

Shout out to former Managing Editor Chistropher Hacker for making Sunday night’s wings.

So here I am, on my first day venturing out into the real world, and I’ve got to say, it’s been weird. 

It’s amazing how quickly I evolved into some sort of bed-ridden monster.

But I was ready to emerge back into the world. 

The Phoenix is also ready to emerge back into the world after our brush with viral fame for our front page in last week’s issue. 

Our tweet went nuts — my phone’s notifications can attest to that — and we appeared on the NBC Nightly News, The Today Show and the Weather Channel. 

All because I was joking around in our editorial meeting. 

So, without further adieu, The Phoenix’s attempt to return to Earth after we rose into the highest ranks of media Twitter. 

Our Assistant News Editor Mary Chappell has the first segment of a series on Chicago Mayoral Candidates who attended Loyola. 

Up first, is Bill Daley. 

Chappell — as she’s known in our newsroom and in this piece because of writing conventions — pitched the story last semester. It took her a long time to land the interview with Daley, but here we are. 

Chappell pored over the story for about as long as we let her and she’s ended up with a feature of his policies, his time at Loyola and his attempt to distance himself from his family’s political past. 

Elsewhere in the paper, the News section has the story of Canada Goose jackets getting swiped in armed robberies. 

The Opinion section is full of takes from the student community and the Editorial Board takes aim at the announced tuition increase. 

The Arts and Entertainment section has another edition of one of my favorite recurring segments, Pint and Plate, from my good friend Jacob Trivedi. He’s got a brilliant food mind and everyone should listen to his recommendations. 

The Sports section has stories on attendance in Gentile Arena and much more. It also mentions first-year Cooper Kaifes’ 3/4 court shot that shocked fans at the halftime buzzer during Tuesday night’s home game against Drake University. 

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