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From the Editor’s Desk: No Amount of Cold can Freeze out The Phoenix

Alanna Demetrius | The PhoenixLoyola canceled class Jan. 30 and 31 after record cold temperatures in Chicago

It’s freaking cold. 

Loyola canceled classes for the first time since 2011. 

Wind chills are forecasted to reach -55 °F. 

But here we are, in our newsroom on a Tuesday night, working away at another issue. 

The news never stops, so The Phoenix won’t either. 

More than once tonight when members of my staff were complaining about the frigid temperatures — reporters, if anything, are talented complainers — I loudly exclaimed to the entire room: “We’re putting out a damn paper.” 

When I spoke with the School of Communications’ student media manager about braving the weather to inform the community he said, “Damn right, you’re putting out a paper.” 

It should be noted that same guy has volunteered to deliver the papers in the cold on Wednesday. 

While the weather outside is frightful, The Phoenix this week is delightful. 

This week our front page is chock full of important news. 

Tuition at Loyola increased again. 

It’s the coldest it’s been in a generation. 

A Twitter account impersonating Sister Jean dove into a massive political controversy — Russian bots?

But our heaviest reported story involves an allegedly corrupt Chicago alderman, political donations, big-wigs sitting on a university council and the university being withholding. 

The whole story started with the Illinois State Board of Elections website, carried us to using the internet Wayback Machine on Loyola’s own website, took us way past calling random Chicago lawyers on the coldest night of the year and finally landed with the story in print this week. 

It’s warm — and pretty musty — in The Phoenix newsroom, and we have a great paper for you this week. 

News has the story of a mural going up on the side of an Edgewater bar and a story from the archives on how to stay warm this week.

Arts and Entertainment has a Loyola student talking about her work and a review of a new “Weezer” album. 

Opinion has the Editorial Board’s take on the frenzy to focus on the 2020 presidential election as well as columns about Chicago’s South Side and President Trump’s ban on transgender persons in the military. 

Sports has updates on the Men’s basketball team’s season — including the potential season-ending loss of Lucas Williamson, and much more. 

It’s very cold outside so when you’re curling up on your day off, curl up with The Phoenix.

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