Loyola Shuttle Involved in Minor Accident

Loyola University Chicago | Natalie BattagliaOne of Loyola's intercampus shuttles was hit but a car on its way to the Water Tower Campus.

A Loyola shuttle was hit by another vehicle on its way to Loyola’s Water Tower Campus (WTC) Monday afternoon, university officials said.

No students were injured and the shuttle was minimally damaged, university spokesperson Evangeline Politis said on behalf of Gretchen Carey, the manager of Campus Transportation, the department in charge of the shuttles. The bus involved in the accident was taken out of service and is being assessed for damage, Politis said.

Another shuttle picked up riders and transported them to WTC, according to Politis.

Lea Smeester, a sophomore with an undecided major, was on the shuttle when the accident happened and said she felt bad for the driver because from what she saw, the accident wasn’t his fault.

“I’ve been in an accident before and I know how scary it is,” Smeester, 19, said. “I witnessed it, it wasn’t a bad accident, it was minor. I wasn’t traumatized or anything, I just feel bad.”

Smeester said she was surprised because she usually doesn’t think about the possibility of a shuttle getting into an accident.

“I thought I saw some debris or something and I was like ‘oh gosh, this is really happening,’” Smeester said. “It’s weird, you don’t really think that these shuttles can get into accidents because you don’t really see it happen that often.”

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