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From the Editor’s Desk: Appreciating the Backbone of The Phoenix

Typically, this column is used to highlight the work of a reporter or editor on The Phoenix who’s published a hard-hitting article. 

This week, I’d like to highlight two of our behind the scenes staff members who make up the spine of this paper — and keep us from messing up all sorts of spelling, grammar and style conventions. 

Every week, there’s a few people who are in our newsroom the latest. Two of those people are myself and Managing Editor Michael McDevitt. The other two are our Copy Editors, Maggie Yarnold and Almudena Rincón. 

These two have our backs every week. These saviors are our backbone, our backstop and our silent support. 

The copy editors, lovingly referred to in the newsroom as the “cops,” read every single article published in The Phoenix more than once every week. There are more than a few members of our staff who don’t even do that. 

Maggie loves country music and has an intense and loud support for Loyola basketball. Seriously, when a game is on in the newsroom she’s the first to yell about any play or call. She’s literally wearing a Rambler hat as I write this. She can usually be found walking up behind your computer in the newsroom with the exact word you need and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of AP style.

Almudena is probably The Phoenix’s biggest fan. She is the staff member most likely to say something we’re publishing is “the best thing she’s ever read.” Oh also, Almudena is a Spanish immigrant. English isn’t her first language. Could you imagine if your job was literally checking grammar in another language? That blows me away. 

About, I don’t know, a hundred times a night you can hear someone yell “Cops?” With a question about grammar, spelling or style. They always have the answer at their fingertips. 

And I know you might be thinking, all sorts of publications have copy editors, why are these ones any different? Well, the answer is because they work for The Phoenix, the greatest student newspaper in the world. 

Everybody on our staff, from a first-year reporter to the copy editors to the top, works tirelessly and diligently to bring you a good paper every week. I wanted you to learn about two of the people who help make that happen. 

This week in the News Section, Maggie and Almudena copy edited stories about the change in power in Rogers Park’s 49th Ward, SGLC elections and a complicated story about how student organizations get funding. 

In the Opinion Section, they edited pieces on the Middle East, gun policy and The Phoenix’s endorsement in the SGLC presidential race. 

Maggie and Almudena edited Arts & Entertainment stories about “Captain Marvel,” another column from editor Emily Rosca and more coverage of the local art scene. 

They edited Sports stories about the abrupt end to basketball season, softball starting its conference season and a heated rivalry in men’s basketball. 

Maggie and Almudena edited a great paper this week, enjoy. 

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