Impeachment isn’t America’s solution

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As the 2020 election season kicks off, liberals are mistakenly hopeful impeachment is the solution to the United States’ problems. In reality, impeachment would only rid us of the current president without solving deeper issues in the country.

President Donald Trump remains the target of numerous investigations and allegations which could potentially result in his impeachment and removal from office. The reaction from many Democrats has been “Yes! The U.S. did it! The issue has been addressed!”

Not so fast. Don’t close the case just yet.

Without mentioning the fact that Trump’s impeachment would promote a considerably worse conservative political figure, former Indiana Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence, impeachment is a band-aid on an issue that requires surgery. Trump’s ability to ascend to the nation’s highest office exposes the ugly truth that the U.S., at its core, is a nation rooted in a culture of white supremacy and white fear.

What the nation must focus on is removing “Trump culture” from the United States. This is a culture which created a platform for a person such as Trump to run successfully for political office.

And in many ways, historical observation provides examples through men who were slave owners ascending to the presidency; men who truly believed whole groups of people to be savage and inferior based on their race. Men, who by all means, force or law, would oppress these populations for the benefit and success of white Americans.

Former President Richard Nixon was an advocate for beginning the “War on Drugs.” He specifically led a campaign that promoted targeting African-American and minority communities. Programs such as COINTELPRO targeted individuals, groups and organizations committed to minority community empowerment with infiltration and drugs. 

With targets such as the Black Panther Party, the Nixon administration was successful in waging a war on minorities in poor communities, under the guise that he and his administration were only waging a war on controlled substances in the minority communities. These initiatives were later revealed to be successful attempts to oppress and criminalize minorities. 

Nixon, through his notorious Southern strategy and presidential initiatives, proved this is a white man’s nation and it should remain as such by any means necessary. Americans would be foolish to think Trump is any different than Nixon.

And if we’re honest, the U.S. has always been a nation based on the views of white supremacy and centered around the protection of the white segment of the population. 

But removing Trump from office isn’t an accomplishment. It’s a distraction. It’s a soothing act for many white liberals to feel they’ve done something to rid the nation of someone like Trump, who exhibits vividly racist views and has no experience with effective leadership, let alone running a nation.

But being real means admitting the culture from which Trump was created is the problem. And this is the same culture which created pathways for people like Nixon and so many others to ascend to positions of power in this nation, well before Trump.

The sobering difference with Trump is in a time where the U.S. would like to do what it has historically done — disguise the truth with falsehoods — Trump exemplifies on the world stage the real character of the nation without filter and hesitation.

No one likes their dirty laundry aired out for the world to see. What if the people wake up and realize one day the U.S. wasn’t all it touted itself to be? Trump is telling the nation’s dirty little secrets that everyone would like to ignore or overlook.

So, now what? The United States is being met with a challenging task. Does the nation let impeachment provide a temporary solution by removing one racist guy who serves as president and reveals the terrible culture we have? Or do we remove Trump and reform the system and culture which created him for an outcome of healed wounds and a better nation?

The easy response: impeach Trump. The hard, yet, moral response: destroy a system and culture built on white supremacy, white fear and the oppression of minorities. The reality is even in removing Trump from office, the nation will still be set up to disadvantage and target minorities while propelling white Americans.

So what will the United States choose? Will we choose to engage in action-oriented dialogue which drives systemic changes; reshapes broken or toxic views and ideas; and bridges gaps which exist due to ignorance, fear and misunderstanding between different groups of people?

What the United States must do isn’t just impeach Trump, but responsibly complete radical reformation of the system and culture that makes it possible for people like Trump to ascend to positions of power. The culture and system must shift to be built on true equality, freedom, and liberty of all people, despite their background or where they come from. The country would simply do a disservice to self if it doesn’t consider that impeachment only removes the most visual reminder of the nation’s flaws and not actually address the flaws themselves. 

In the words of Civil Rights leader and pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “All we ask of America is to be true to what you said on paper.” If you truly believe “All men are created equal” then America must deal with the issue at the core and build a culture and system reflecting this monumental idea.   

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