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Two Dollar Bills and “Kick-Ass Content”

Courtesy of Ralph BrasethThe man himself.

The Phoenix is entirely student-run, except we do get some support from Loyola faculty. 

One of those supporters is School of Communication Student Media Manager Ralph Braseth. 

Ralph assists with the production of student publications, such as The Phoenix, Rambler Sports Locker and The Gull. 

For us, he mostly functions as our publisher. He makes sure the bills get paid and the ads get paid for. 

Occasionally, he’ll pop down to our newsroom on a Tuesday night and deliver a speech — or food. Sometimes the speech is inspirational, othertimes it’s a parody of Christmas songs with Phoenix staffer’s names jammed in. 

This week he came downstairs and gave each editor a $2 bill. 

Now, before I give you the reason for the Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson-style cash handouts, I’ve got to explain a little bit about Ralph. 

He’s a character. 

He’s a foul-mouthed former reporter who’s from Washington but speaks with a Southern accent. 

The accent comes from his time working at the University of Mississippi. He claims he was an adviser for Eli Manning and “The Blind Side” inspiration Michael Oher. But we take a lot of what he says with a grain of salt. 

He’s got an apartment in the John Hancock and one time he gave me a shot of tequila after a meeting — don’t worry, I was of age. 

But back to the cash. He was handing everyone their greenbacks and said we could spend it or keep it as a momento. 

He said we should keep it as a reminder that even as the semester starts to wind down and the staff looks toward summer internships or post-graduation plans, we should focus on continuing to put out the content our audience needs. 

“Kick-ass content,” is how he put it to be exact. 

And let me tell you, I’m still dedicated to bringing you that kick-ass content, even as the looming threat of unemployment dawns on me. 

I can guarantee the rest of my staff will stay committed too. 

This week, we’ve got plenty of kickass content for you. 

The News Section has a profile on student government’s new president and vice president, a profile of a now-closed Rogers Park watering hole and the obituary of a former Loyola political science professor. 

The Opinion Section has the Editorial Board’s view on how Loyola must control its impending overcrowding problem and columns about much more. 

Arts and Entertainment has the story of a new Rogers Park jazz club, reviews of Jordan Peele’s “Us” and another column from our food writer Jacob Trivedi. 

The Sports Section wraps up men’s basketball season with Sister Jean’s take on how the season ended and a fun story about the softball team’s St. Louis detour. 

We aren’t slowing down this semester, so I hope you kick back and enjoy this week’s kick-ass paper. 

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