Donut Miss the Chicago Donut Fest

Courtesy of Chicago Donut FestThe annual Chicago Donut Fest will be held at the Old Crow Smokehouse (149 W. Kinzie St.) April 6.

The best of the best Chicago donut-makers gather every April to promote their craft.

From the classic glazed to the clever concoctions of specialty bakeries, there’s a donut for every occasion and craving. The fourth annual Chicago Donut Fest offers visitors the chance to sample various donut flavors without venturing to every shop in the city. This sweet treat experience will take place at the Old Crow Smokehouse (149 W. Kinzie St.) April 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Among the twelve bakeries showcased, Stan’s Donuts, Firecakes, Donut Slut and Krispy Kreme will be there. In addition to donut deliciousness, vendors will be serving beer and mimosas making the event 21 and over. With some familiar headlining names and some newcomers to the scene, the donut fest lineup gives people a chance to have an old favorite and discover a new one.

Many people might only treat themselves to one of these deep-fried delicacies on occasion, making it difficult to gain a true sense of variety from the bakeries. All in one place for a day, the vendors can show off their skills and people can explore beyond their cushioned Dunkin’ Donuts comfort zone.

Because of the irregularity of people’s donut-specific excursions, the fest is a great opportunity for small businesses to expand their audience, according to Lee Garber, one of the event coordinators.

 Garber said the event first came to be because people simply love donuts. With the growing popularity of gourmet donuts and wild flavor combinations such as Stan’s “Le Stan” croissant donut, Scafuri Bakery’s apple cider donut and Firecakes’ banana split flavor, the demand is to have all the options under one roof, according to Garber.

 Additionally, sporadic donut fests are also hosted throughout the year, with one at the Lincoln Park Zoo this past September.

The same company that runs this donut party, River North Fests, doesn’t stop the fun at donuts — it also hosts food fests for beer, wine and rosé.

 The price of entry includes three tickets for beer or mimosas and subsequent doughnut enjoyment.

 Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at

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