Voting For Trump In 2020 Will Say A Lot About You

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Voters who think re-electing President Donald Trump in 2020 will make America great again are in for a rude awakening, as it makes them racist and against the betterment of the nation.

In 2016, Trump’s campaign was more aspirational, providing a rallying point and cry for those Americans who considered themselves “forgotten.” It wasn’t fathomable that someone like Trump, promoting a platform like his, would be successfully elected to the nation’s highest office. However, Nov. 9, 2016, the unfathomable became a reality for the United States.

Those who supported Trump in his first campaign were blindsided, supporting several of his platform initiatives that seemed legitimate and reasonable, while ignoring those that were more radical and irrational. However, Trump supporters might not enjoy the benefit of the doubt the next go around.

In the last two years, Trump has occupied the presidency, depreciating its value and influence with his storm of irrational tweets and outrageous policy actions. Be it decisions to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or implementing a traveling ban on immigrants from several Middle Eastern countries, Trump’s presidency proved incompetent. Even his waging of social media wars with other heads of state, celebrities and political figures, exemplifies the confusion and chaos indicative of Trump and his administration.

And now, as he pursues a second term — something he began when he filed for reelection on the day of his inauguration for his first term — Trump’s actions as president have become more irrational to win reelection and the favor of those who supported him in 2016. Trump is now on a mission to push for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which was one of his key campaign promises from the 2016 election. Trump is so invested in proving a point and delivering on this promise, he declared a national emergency, granting him the power to pull money from military spending and homeland security if necessary.

And if conservative voters who cast votes for Trump in 2020 still would like to think their vote for him doesn’t make them racist or part of the problem in America, they’re wrong. Trump’s presidency and administration reeks of ill-informed and racist policy decisions rooted in fear-mongering. all who vote for him in 2020 are supporters of each of these things.

Any person with decency, dignity and respect for human life, rights and what the nation’s founding fathers placed on paper — “that all men are created equal … and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” — wouldn’t consider casting a vote for a person like Trump or a platform like “Make America Great Again.” 

In 2020, every vote cast for Trump says more about the individual casting the vote than it does about Trump himself. Each vote represents how Trump supporters view immigrants, civil rights issues and education funding. Every voter who casts their vote for Trump in 2020 shows the nation they aren’t concerned about the future of the nation, but about the preservation and success of a wealthy few.  And in all honesty, those who cast votes supporting Trump’s election are even voting against their own interest and well-being because Trump doesn’t possess anything in common with them.

So what does this mean? In 2020, the voters who cast votes for Trump become the greatest threat to nation. And no matter what, they won’t be able to cast their votes in his favor and deny that such an action is reflective of their belief in the same views Trump expresses. Conservative voters have to wake up and realize that Trump is doing everything in his power — and arguably, not in his powers — to completely ruin the reputation of the presidency and this nation. Conservatives have to stop attempting to find reasons to rationalize Trump’s confusing and illogical actions, and begin accepting those actions as damaging to the state of the union. 

Voting is important. And every voter has the free will to cast their votes in the ways they see fit. But with that free will comes the great responsibility to ensure that, as a voter, the vote that is being cast is being done with full confidence, well intentions and responsible evaluation. And in 2020, despite the liberty to support a second term for Trump, those who are going to cast their votes for him ought to be seriously held responsible for their role in destroying the nation.

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5 thoughts on “Voting For Trump In 2020 Will Say A Lot About You”

  1. “In 2020, the voters who cast votes for Trump become the greatest threat to [sic] nation.”

    Hyperbole much?

    “And in 2020, despite the liberty to support a second term for Trump, those who are going to cast their votes for him ought to be seriously held responsible for their role in destroying the nation.”

    What does that even mean?

    One of the fastest ways to learn something new is to trumpet one’s ignorance far and wide as the echo that comes back will bring education with it. I wonder if that’s what our author is doing? I’ve read a lot of hot takes, but this is right up there with the most emotional of them. Our author is clearly in his feelings and that’s a poor place to look for logic and reason.

    I’d beseech our author to take a week to really try to get to know or understand the points of view of someone supportive of the President’s policies if not his day-to-day behavior. It would be an enlightening experience for him for certain as it’s obvious from reading this rant that he doesn’t know a living soul who identifies with the President’s stated goals, or if he does, he literally thinks they’re the devil.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t disagree with the President. I disagreed quite a bit with the last one. It’s another thing altogether to blanket claim (without evidence of any sort) that all 50+ million people that voted for the guy are X, and the X usually stands for a slur.

    To make the claim that the most dangerous threat to the country are people that want the federal government to do less is to provide evidence of one’s own emotional derangement.

    1. Rob,

      Not much of emotion here honestly. Much of the evidence you are speaking of, I could not have included in 750 word limits. I gave ideas behind several policies or behaviors: Trump’s border and immigration policies and his international relations presence. No matter what, with Trump’s administration, just like any other, you can’t continue to extract a person’s behaviors from your support of them. It is reflective of what you believe to be okay, even if for the terms of political expediency. If President Obama were to have done many of things the current President is doing now, I would not have voted for him in 2012 no matter the platform. Why? The platform and the behaviors go hand-in-hand, even if not immediately or widely recognizable.

      Individuals who are voting for Trump in the 2020 election are willing to ditch morals for political expedience. This isn’t ignorance, this is fact. And the reality is this: those individuals who are voting for Trump their votes are supporting policies that are degrading and destroying the nation.

      That’s fact that cannot be denied, not emotion. So yes, I firmly stand by saying the individuals who vote for Trump in 2020 are part of what is wrong with the nation.

  2. Stop and think about just being an American for a minute. Now, think about what a President can do for You. If you have any schooled thought process going on then you should give Trump a chance to do something for You for as long as You can. He does not have any reason to do what he does other than his straight up love for our Country. If you can’s see through it or read between the lines or just simply “get” what he’s trying to accomplish; then there’s no reason to Author stifling materials for which you know nothing about in all intent.
    It’s unfortunate that there are divisions in public opinion. But hey, that’s what you get when you put 3 people in a room alone together. It’s whether or not the 3 can find a common goal and pursue it. That is not going on in Politics thanks in most part to people who frankly should not be given the microphone or asked their opinions before they themselves have proven to know or do better than the subjects in question. It used to be that way. Experts only would be interviewed or listened to by the general public. Nowadays, it’s all Media, Social Media, partisan grouping by ego-driven internet users who think because they have followers or can portray themselves on a platform – that it means they’re right and anybody else is wrong.
    It’s still quite obvoius to me, a registered Democrat, that when I see Donald Trump in any place with us – he stands out as the only real Adult in the room. I’m embarrassed to learn all the devious things my DNC has done repetitively, these last two years, to someone that’s just trying to help our Country. Just because he reminds you of the cat that won’t get in the cat carrier box does not mean he’s not a cat.
    There’s nothing You can do now but support the things you happen to like that he’s doing. Anything else is kind of……..uneducated.

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