Jesse Rutherford’s Genre Mashing Commanded a Sold-out Subterranean

Bringing together the dark synth pop typical of The Neighbourhood and elements of hip hop, Jesse Rutherford, known simply as Jesse, took over a sold-out Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave.) May 3.

Hearts <3 and Goody Grace opened up the show. They seemed to take notes from Jesse’s genre mashing as their sets contained the simplicity of a singer with a guitar to complicated beats and the aid of auto tune.

Jesse brought the audience to life as a surge of energy flowed through the room when he entered the stage.

The excitement in the crowd didn’t dwindle throughout the show, but found its peaks when Jesse decided it was too hot for his sweater and when Goody Grace returned to the stage for their bad-boy love song “Too High.”

The jam-packed crowd somehow squished closer to the stage for the hip-hop heavy second-to-last track “Barbie and Ken” off Jesse’s album “&.”

Jesse closed out the set with the brief track “Rock & Roll DJ,” the final song off his second solo effort “GARAGEB&.” He dedicated the disco-esque song fittingly to his DJ who accompanied him on stage during the set.

“GARAGEB&” is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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