Turnover’s Dream Pop Takes Concord Hall

Over its ten years as a band, Turnover has re-imagined its sound — transforming from an emo pop punk group to an indie pop dream. The Virginia-based band brought its transfigured tracks to Concord Hall (2047 N. Milwaukee Ave.) May 2.

Chicago punk band Vortex and indie rock duo Reptaliens were the first two bands to the stage. The third opener Turnstile riled up the crowd surfers with its loud and commanding sound.

Turnover’s light and airy sound gave the crowd surfers a break in the action. The summer vibes fit with the projected claymation neighborhood backdrop and pool-noodle flowers that adorned Casey Getz’s drums.

The crowd swayed to the melodic tune “Sunshine Type” from lead singer Austin Getz and bassist Danny Dempsey. The track captures the essence of the band’s most recent album, “Good Nature.”

During the second to last song of the concert “Cutting My Fingers Off” — the opening track of the transitional album “Peripheral Vision” — crowd surfers had their chance to shine again. The audience passionately screamed out the lyrics, speaking to the band’s relevance after ten years on the scene.

Turnover said from the stage it’d be back in the fall with new music. “Good Nature” is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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