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From the Editor’s Desk: A Letter to Loyola First-Years

Mary Norkol | The Phoenix"One more piece of advice for Loyola first-years: Watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan at least once."

Loyola first-years, this column is entirely for you.

Sophomores, juniors, seniors, you might not want to waste your time.

First-years, as you’re getting used to college life, a Chicago pace, dining hall food and meeting more new people than you can count, you’re going to receive a lot of advice. A lot. Most of that advice will follow one of a few cliche themes: Take advantage of your college years, make them count, meet new people and form solid relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, all that advice is valid and I would tell you the same things. Yes, get involved. Yes, be social, Yes, study hard. Yes, appreciate all of Loyola’s opportunities.

But I have one piece of advice I wish someone would have told me three years ago when I was moving into my dorm, meeting my future best friends and learning from professors who would become mentors. If you want to make the most of your years here at Loyola, pay attention.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you, especially on campus.

Pay attention, and if something angers you, do something about it. There are more than enough opportunities to change the way this campus functions. Get loud — whether it’s through student groups, meeting with administration or (warning: here comes a not-so-subtle self-promotion) writing an opinion piece for this paper.

The Phoenix editors often have conversations about our feelings toward Loyola. We love it here, and I personally am not excited to leave. But, we also understand that this school of ours is far from perfect and we believe it can — and should — be better.

All I ask is that you, first-years, know that and do your part to leave this place better than you found it.

As students and young adults, we have a responsibility to look for the good in the world, but we also have a responsibility to be critical, skeptical and eager to fix what we can. Loyola will boast its Jesuit values, but it’s up to you to represent them.

Well, I hope by now I’ve inspired you to take Loyola and Chicago by storm.

I’ll get off my soapbox after one last piece of advice: You can start by paying attention to what’s in this newspaper. Our news section tackles the impacts of rising water levels on Rogers Park beaches and gives an update on the construction of a new dorm on campus.

A&E Editor Mary Grace Ritter gives an overview of an eccentric market with offering anything your thrifter heart desires and our sports editors provide a look inside the new Alfie Norville Training Facility complete with a photo spread on pages six and seven.

And with that, let’s get to work.

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