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Bedroom Pop Artist Cuco Hypes the Crowd at the Aragon

People love Cuco, and so do phone cameras. At any point during the bedroom pop artist’s set at the Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom (1106 W. Lawrence Ave.) Sept. 22, the crowd was littered with phones. Hands were held high in the air, recording and photographing seemingly every moment. 

Cuco returned to Chicago for his third show in the three months — he performed two back-to-back shows July 17 and 18 celebrating his birthday. Since then, the artist released his critically acclaimed third album, “Para Mi.” 

Preceding Cuco’s combo chill and hype set, R&B/alternative artists KAINA and Ambar Lucid energized the already-packed Aragon. Ambar Lucid’s powerful, dreamy vocals penetrated the venue, eliciting shouts of love and support from the audience. 

For about half an hour in between the opening acts and Cuco’s, a DJ played a mixture of Top 40 hits and Latino bangers. The audience continued to sing word-for-word at the top of their lungs, film the events and bop around their established floor space. 

Around 9:30 p.m., Cuco emerged on stage to an audience that was losing their cool. As “Intro (feat. Foos Gone Wild)” played over the speakers, Cuco — donning a black long-sleeve and graphic jeans — greeted his crowd and proceeded to play a majority of songs from “Para Mi.”

Despite his tour in support of his latest album, Cuco fans didn’t get as much of a sampling of his old love songs that transported him to his current stardom. The artist treated audiences to his two most popular songs “Lo Que Siento” and “Lover Is a Day” — which have garnered a more than 118 million combined streams on Spotify — but didn’t dabble in much more. 

As psychedelic graphics lit up on the three on-stage screens, Cuco paused his set to ask his densely packed crowd to spread out a little because “it wouldn’t hurt.” Since multiple people were lifted from the crowd by security guards, Cuco asked his listeners to please be careful. 

The artist brought a gathering of friends on stage to perform “Bossa No Sé,” his hit from “Para Mi.” The crowd on stage matched the energy and vibrance of the audience, pulling the set together and beginning to bring it to an energized close. 

Cuco is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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