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Column: Bears Overreaction Wednesday: Oh, No! We Suck Again!

Courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsI'm still on the Mitch Trubisky bandwagon, but I'm hanging on by my fingertips.

Everything is awful.

I hate everything. Sports are terrible. I’ve been pissed off for the last 60 hours or so and haven’t calmed down.

Why? Because the Bears sucked. That’s why. 

Are the Bears who we thought they were? They’re sure as hell not who I thought they were. Before the season, I predicted they’d win the Super Bowl. Now, I’m not even sure they’ll make the playoffs. I’m not even sure they’ll have a winning record. Maybe they won’t even win another game!

This was the perfect week to bring back my “Bears Overreaction Wednesday” column. 

If you missed it — which probably means you don’t follow me on Twitter — let me give you the short version. Fresh off a bye week, the Bears welcomed the New Orleans Saints to town Oct. 20. The Saints came in without their likely Hall-of-Fame quarterback, their starting running back or their starting tight end. It looked like the Bears were in the driver’s seat.

No one told the Saints. They beat the Bears 36-25 — and although the Saints won by 11 points, that doesn’t show just how badly the Bears played. It was hard to watch.

They looked incompetent on offense, sluggish on defense and horrendous on special teams — outside of a kickoff return by Cordarrelle Patterson. I haven’t seen a game that bad since Marc Trestman was the coach and Jay Cutler was the quarterback. Remember that fiasco? Just thinking about those dark days makes my skin crawl.

Current quarterback Mitchell Trubisky — who I’ve loyally supported even when no one else would — played like garbage. Head coach Matt Nagy’s play calling was garbage. The defense was garbage. That game was garbage. The whole season is now garbage.

All hope is lost.

“The defense was garbage. That game was garbage. The whole season is now garbage.”

— Nick Schultz, sports editor

That Trubisky bandwagon is getting pretty lonely. I’m holding on by my fingertips because I still, believe it or not, think he could be “the guy.” There’s talent in that inconsistent arm of his. Trust me.

Nagy — the 2018 NFL Coach of the Year, mind you — looked like he’d never called plays before. I can’t defend it. How do you only run it seven times with a running back of David Montgomery’s caliber?

There wasn’t much good to take away from that game. Every time I look at the highlights or hear them on the radio, I can’t help but laugh. That’s how bad it was.

But don’t tell Nagy. He’s too busy putting on his “earmuffs” to avoid the “negativity” from the media. Yeah, because the media’s the reason his team played like crap. Right.

Marco Verch | FlickrSoldier Field was the site of the Bears’ drubbing at the hands of the Saints Oct. 20. Wikimedia Commons

I know the Bears started 3-3 last year before going 12-4 before that ill-faded loss to Philadelphia in the playoffs. But this is a completely different schedule. They have to go to Los Angeles to face the Rams, head to Green Bay to take on the dreaded Packers and welcome a Kansas City Chiefs team led by reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes to Soldier Field.

The road to the playoffs isn’t as smooth as it was a year ago. It’s not going to be easy, no matter what Nagy says while he dons his “earmuffs” and “horse blinders.” 

Can you believe a game against the Los Angeles Chargers is now “must-win” so the Bears can keep their playoff hopes alive? Those are words I never thought I’d say. If they lose that game, Bears fans are going to be more fired up than ever before. I’d almost be scared.

Look at the bright side: There are only 13 days left until college basketball season. That’ll be a welcome distraction.

I miss the Cubs.

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