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From the Editor’s Desk: Well, it’s that point in the semester…

Mary Norkol | The PhoenixThe Phoenix Editor-in-Chief Mary Norkol is among many Loyola students facing the mid-semester blues... meaning she’s calling her mom a lot more than usual.

In my three years at Loyola, I’ve grown familiar with the telltale signs of the mid-semester blues. 

Everyone is sick, punctuating their sentences with coughs and sniffles. Bank accounts are running low, and questions such as “Which is cheaper?” dominate students’ conversations. Calendars are chock-full of midterm after midterm, and time for breaks or social activities becomes increasingly sparse. Most of all, students really just miss their moms.

Basically, morale is low.

It’s the point in the semester where the light at the end of the tunnel is a speck in the darkness, and we all ask ourselves how we’ll get through another week.

While I’d love to use this space to give a confident pep talk and tell you all that we’re going to make it through, I myself have fallen victim to the mid-semester blues and I don’t feel all that peppy.

Instead, I’ll say it’s okay to feel stressed, overwhelmed and blindsided by responsibilities — both academic and personal. So in between sneezes, classes, frantically checking your bank account and calling your mom, take some time to simply catch your breath.

Of course, this feat is much easier said than done. But a deep breath can go along way, and reminding each other to take a few seconds — yes, even seconds can help — for yourself. This can go miles when it seems the world is crumbling around you as you battle college life.

In a fifteen-week semester, each feels longer and more strenuous than the last. That’s simply how it works. And drained college students are trying their best to stay positive. It’s a noble pursuit, but it’s simply not possible to stay hunky-dory all the time.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is recognize that life is hard. Oh, and call your mom.

This week, our paper’s staff has been drained just like everyone else. But we’ve still got a good paper this week, so take a look inside.

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