Phantoms Spread Tito’s Cheer and Energy at Chop Shop

Like ghosts emerging amid clouds of still-colorless fog, two self-described “Tito’s boys” prepared to dance the night away at Chop Shop Friday. 

Phantoms, the project of former teenage actors Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola, performed its set to a congregation of eager dancers, couples and single men out having a good time with their bros. The crowd’s vitality only increased as the evening progressed, fueled by the palpable energy of the DJs. 

New Zealand native duo SACHI warmed up the still-arriving audience prior to Phantoms’ set with its third-ever show in the United States. Postponing the show half an hour in anticipation of a larger gathering, SACHI — comprised of Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas — bounced around stage in their white jumpsuits and sneakers, banging on drums and synthesizers while performing pieces spanning their five-year-long careers. 

From bops such as “Hollywood Angel” (2019) and “No More” (2015), a slimmer but upbeat audience danced and filmed the set. To contrast the pink-and-red hues that danced around stage for the first half of their show, the duo took it to the “dark side” with a tribute to Daft Punk, one of their self-proclaimed favorite bands. 

Phantoms, upon taking the stage, matched SACHI’s vigor but instead of being visible under vibrant lights, the pair remained concealed by smoke and a lack of spotlights — retaining the aura of mystique their name suggests. With drinks readily accessible, Kaplan and Pergola opted toward the electronic side of their act, singing fewer lyrics than expected. 

The duo paused between remixes for some interactive playful banter with the audience, some of whom came decked out in Halloween costumes and others holding ballons. They stopped to clink plastic cups throughout the set, proclaiming their love for Tito’s Vodka. They’re “Tito’s boys,” they told the crowd. 

As the two ran through songs, including “Are You Up,” “Cocaine” and “Just A Feeling” — to which they took a slower approach, dedicated to the couples in the room — Pergola moved and grooved to the beat of the drum. If just an ounce of his liveliness transmitted into the crowd, it was enough to last all night. 

SACHI and Phantoms’ music is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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