‘Call of Duty’ Has Finally Returned to Gamers’ Good Graces

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“Bravo Six, going dark.”

“Call of Duty”  — one of the most recognized titles in modern video games — released its new game, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” Oct. 25. The game plunges the player into a modern battle field and continues to shock as the campaign progresses.

For a lot of college gamers, this game was a promise to bring “Call of Duty” back to its roots with boots on the ground and an engaging campaign. The beta, which was a soft release for two weekends back in September, teased awaiting fans with limited game modes in the multiplayer game mode.

The game pays homage to the original “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,” which was released in 2007 and re-released in 2016 as a remastered title. The games lead players through an immersive campaign with situations and settings similar to real world military operations, primarily in the Middle East. The 2007 game was also popular for its online multiplayer community. The current “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” was marketed as a reboot of the franchise. 

The game includes a “co-op” mode, which are levels with objectives an online squad of players can handle however they want. Whether approaching the objective with stealth or running in with guns drawn out, the strategy is up to the players. 

The more recognizable game modes in the “Call of Duty” franchise have always been multiplayer and campaign.

“Modern Warfare” is a boots-on-the-ground game. The past “Call of Duty” titles used unrealistic additions to their game-play, from exploding arrows to playing as a cyborg. Boots-on-the-ground means players will no longer have to fear an enemy flying past their cover as a sweaty player named “xXNoobMasterXx” sprays bullets down from 20 feet in the air. This is great news for players interested in slower game styles, who actually enjoy using assault rifle classes which were unusable in past titles. For faster players, this game will take a while to get used to.

Players can tinker with and modify weapons to their play style, thanks to the wide variety of customizations available. The field upgrades are special abilities that give players an advantage during a match. Players can activate their upgrade to maneuver silently for 20 seconds or use ammunition that deals more damage to enemies. The multiplayer maps make great settings for these matches and can help highlight these field upgrades.

Maps that came out at launch are one of the only problems with the game. They can be lopsided and frustrating at times. There are some areas that make it very easy to sit in one spot all game and shoot at enemy players as they walk by. It wouldn’t be an issue if some game objectives weren’t located in these locations, but unfortunately they are sometimes. 

Another feature of multiplayer has finally bridged the divide among gamers from every corner of the universe. Cross-platform play allows players using Xbox servers to join matches with players who are using PC or even PlayStation servers. This has somehow made lobbies even more toxic.

The campaign is the best part of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” The storyline for the “Modern Warfare” series of games has been well-received by most fans of the franchise. With the return of Captain Price — an iconic main character from previous games — this campaign was anticipated to be one of the best. This game didn’t disappoint.

In the very first mission, it’s clear this is a no-nonsense story. A group of men carrying automatic weapons are in the back of a moving van, passing around a cigarette. The camera pans from the television playing a terrorist manifesto, across the group, to a man wearing a vest strapped with explosives. The man gets out at Piccadilly Circus — a heavily populated tourist location in London. A few people walking nearby start to notice him, including a mother and her young son. Just as the suicide bomber lifts the detonator, the “Modern Warfare” title screen appears. 

It’s a chilling opening scene and it doesn’t get any lighter from there. The campaign highlights the true horrors of warfare in the modern era. The bombings and fire fights in civilian populated areas show just how eary and disturbing war can be. 

There are missions where players even play as a child in Urzikstan, which is a fictional country located in the Caucasus Region that borders Russia and Georgia. Russian soldiers invade the country and it’s a disturbingly realistic first-hand experience of an invasion and mass killings.

Playing as characters from different military organizations trying to take down a terrorist group in possession of a toxic chemical stolen from the Russians, the missions are immersive. The storyline pulls players in and keeps them craving more action.

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