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From the Editor’s Desk: Sincerely, The Phoenix’s Resident Redhead

It took me a while to grow into my red hair.

Long before I developed an adult personality, my mane had a personality of its own.

Alanna Demetrius | The Phoenix

I grew up labeled a hothead, with old ladies stroking my hair (without permission) asking if it was my natural color. Yes, it is. I was no stranger to the negative stereotypes associated with the flaming symbol of Irish heritage sitting atop my head. And unfortunately, most of the stereotypes are true — my temper is especially short, though it has improved since I was young. 

But I did finally grow into it, after I learned how to appropriately use hair gel to wrestle it into place. Thank God, old ladies don’t feel as comfortable stroking the hair of a 21-year-old as they do a small child.

After years of being called Annie, The Little Mermaid, Kim Possible, Ginny Weasley and other famous fictional gingers, I’ve finally accepted that being a redhead maybe isn’t the worst thing after all.

I’ve got the sass spunk of orphan Annie, that’s for sure, though I didn’t grow up with a band of misfit kids singing “It’s a Hard Knock Life” in a New York City orphanage.

And while my singing voice is nearly as angelic as Ariel’s, I think I’ve inherited her stubborn independence, too — from one redhead to another.

No, I’m not as stealthy as the Disney Channel cartoon icon Kim Possible. But I’ve got bits of her camaraderie and grit, adopting a friendship with my own real-life version of Ron Stoppable. 

Ginny Weasley may be a bit further along in her Hogwarts education than I am, but we have a similar defensive demeanor when it comes to the people we love. The same way Ginny gets a defiant look in her eye when Draco Malfoy and company poke fun at her brother, I react protectively about my own family members.

So, maybe we are hotheads. Maybe we can’t control our temper, we snap at people and we yell. But us redheads know the best way to care for the people we love, fend for ourselves and serve a little sass when it’s warranted.

There’s a reason I’ll never tarnish my rare hair color with dyes or highlights. It’s as much of a personality trait as anything — stereotypes and all. 

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