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Community Helps The New 400 Theatres Change Hollywood’s Mind

Adrian Nevarez | The PhoenixThe New 400 Theatres is thanking the community for their support after running a successful social media campaign to receive a copy of the film "Queen and Slim."

Rogers Park’s own New 400 Theatres is having a customer appreciation day to thank their patrons. The New 400 is currently screening major box office movies but the new drama film “Queen and Slim” is playing at the theatre thanks to support from the community. 

Upon being notified their request for the film “Queen and Slim” was denied by the film’s production company, management at The New 400 Theatre decided to post a call for movie-goer support on the theatre’s Facebook page just a few weeks before the movie’s premiere. 

The post explained how some studios believe small theatres like The New 400 Theatres aren’t profitable enough to show major movies such as “Black and Blue,” “Good boys” or “Queen and Slim.”  The film’s modern day Bonnie and Clyde story is written by Chicago writer Lena Waithe and the racial overtones are inclusive to Rogers Park’s diverse demographic, according to the post. 

Friends of The New 400! Please Read!

Posted by The New 400 Theaters on Friday, November 15, 2019

The New 400 is the only movie theater playing major blockbuster films on the Far Northside of Chicago, leaving local residents with little options when certain films are unavailable at this location.

The theater screened “Queen and Slim” on its premiere night Nov. 27 after receiving comments and shares on its facebook post which allowed them to book a copy of the film from the Hollywood production company.

The theater announced it will be having a customer appreciation day due to the overwhelming support from the neighborhood. On Wednesday, general admission will be $6 all day for any movie. 

Jake Weisman, assistant manager of the New 400, has worked at the independent theatre for nearly six years.

“After the first day [the Facebook post] had hundreds of likes, hundreds of comments and we’ve read every single one. It’s really lovely,” Weisman said. 

Originally built in 1912, The New 400 Theatres has been in Rogers Park for over 100 years. It was originally one auditorium called the Regent Theatre but on July 1, 2009, the theater was reopened under its current name with the original auditorium being split into four rooms. The “400” in the name was inspired by a 1930s term which refers to the top 400 people in high society, according to the theater’s website.

“It’s a wonderful reminder that Rogers [Park] seems to care about us as much as we care about [them],” Weisman said. 

The New 400 Theatres is also preparing for multiple premieres for movies coming out during the holiday season with specialized deals for its loyal patrons.

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