The Phoenix’s Year in Review: 2019 in Opinion

LEFT: Ann Ryan, The Phoenix; RIGHT: Michael Vadon | FlickrThe Phoenix Editorial Board compares Loyola's media policy to the Trump Administration.

As 2019 winds down, The Phoenix takes a look back at the biggest stories of the year from the opinion section.

Staff Editorial: Northwestern Daily has nothing to apologize for

The Phoenix Editorial Board

Photo courtesy of Flickr The Phoenix Editorial Board responds to an apology The Northwestern Daily published after covering a demonstration on Northwestern’s campus.

The Phoenix Editorial Board responds to an apology the Northwestern Daily published after covering a demonstration on Northwestern University’s campus.

The Daily apologized for basic journalistic practices which are essential to the free press, and became the subject of widespread criticism from professional journalists.

The Phoenix’s editorial argues the situation is full of lessons for everyone involved — student journalists, professionals and the public alike.

Is education in the U.S. worth it? An international perspective 

Poorvi Modi

Poorvi Modi | The Phoenix Modi explains the financial struggles of international students.

Opinion Writer Poorvi Modi describes the financial struggles she and her peers have as international students at Loyola.

Modi, a United States citizen whose parents work in India, uses her own experience in the higher education system to support her argument. She also touches on issues with conversion rates, limited on-campus opportunities for international students and potential problems with international visas.

She also explains the struggles which come after graduating and beginning a career in the United States as an international student.

Staff Editorial: ASU State Press proves why student journalism matters

The Phoenix Editorial Board

Flickr Ambassador Kurt Volker is Executive Director of ASU’s McCain Institute for International Leadership.

In the midst of an international frenzy surrounding a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a student newspaper in Arizona thrust itself into the coverage when it reported U.S. Special Envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker resigned.

The Phoenix Editorial Board commends the Arizona State University State Press for its reporting, and reminds readers why student journalism matters in local, state, national and international news.

There’s a lack of conversation about mental health

Adrian Nevarez

Mental health disorders can leave those who are affected feeling alone and helpless.

Phoenix Opinion Editor Adrian Nevarez points out the lack of mental health resources for students at Loyola and explains the effects of mental disorders on college students.

Nevarez references the trends of mental illness within college students and resources to support those who are afflicted. He argues that with an increasing amount of students seeking resources to improve their mental health, Loyola and other universities need to react accordingly.

Staff Editorial: Too little too late: Loyola fails students when it comes to sexual assault

The Phoenix Editorial Board

Courtesy of Loyola University Chicago The university “hasn’t learned from its own mistakes,” according to the Editorial Board.

After The Phoenix published an investigation about three Loyola students accusing the same man of sexual assault, the Editorial Board took to the page to explain why the university should reconsider the way it handles sexual assault. The university “hasn’t learned from its own mistakes,” according to the Editorial Board.

The editorial laid out numerous times Loyola failed to protect its students from sexual assault, or failed to answer questions from Phoenix reporters on sexual assault investigations.

Staff Editorial: Disappointed but not surprised — No alert from Campus Safety after stabbing

The Phoenix Editorial Board

Alanna Demetrius | The Phoenix Loyola Campus Safety didn’t send a crime alert to students when a man was stabbed and an officer was injured near the Lake Shore Campus.

After students were sent into a frenzy when a man was stabbed and a Chicago police officer was injured just steps from the Lake Shore Campus, Loyola’s police force, Campus Safety, didn’t send out a crime alert.

While we were anything but surprised, we were disappointed. This editorial follows many of its kind in recent years, as Campus Safety officials and Loyola spokespeople had been tight-lipped about crime near campus.

Loyola is ‘away from keyboard’ when it comes to E-sports

Adrian Nevarez

DePaul’s Esport Gaming Center is located in the DePaul Center on the university’s Loop campus.

Opinion Editor Adrian Nevarez explains why Loyola’s lack of an E-sports program is causing it to fall behind other universities with these programs.

He points out the advantages to this type of program and compares Loyola to neighbors DePaul University and Northwestern University, which have seen the benefits of E-sports programs firsthand. Nevarez took a trip to DePaul’s E-sport Gaming Center at the university’s Loop campus.

Gentrification is a problem and Loyola is only making it worse

Daniel Collazo

Katie Anthony | The Phoenix The Alumni House and a 63-unit apartment complex are being replaced by a new student dorm.

Opinion Writer Daniel Collazo points out the rising rent and construction in Rogers Park is not a good thing when it comes to gentrification.

He uses the declining population in the neighborhood as proof that gentrification is plaguing Rogers Park, much like other neighborhoods in the city.

As Loyola grows, the university is making the problem worse by buying property off campus, Collazo writes.

Staff Editorial: Loyola’s media policy is straight out of the Trump playbook

The Phoenix Editorial Board

LEFT: Ann Ryan, The Phoenix; RIGHT: Michael Vadon | Flickr The Phoenix Editorial Board compares Loyola’s media policy to that of the White House

The Phoenix Editorial Board compares Loyola’s media policy to that of the White House, arguing the lack of cooperation and transparency is detrimental for student journalists.

The Editorial Board laid out specific points in the media policy which threaten the free press, including a strategy that tells Loyola employees not to let journalists record them because the audio will be altered and quotes will be taken out of context. The editorial gained local and national attention — Loyola professors began a petition and the editorial was referenced in publications like Newsweek.

Voting for Trump in 2020 will say a lot about you

David King

Michael Candelori | Flickr King asks Trump voters to rethink who they vote for in 2020.

David King is speaking to Trump voters, asking them to rethink their decision on who to vote for in 2020.

King writes Trump has depreciated the value of the presidency, enforced discriminatory policies and started wars on social media instead of acting like a suitable president.

Calling out Trump voters, he lists the actions of the president and holds the voters accountable. King asks the voters to not vote for Donald Trump in the next election.

Staff Editorial: Jo Ann Rooney is running Loyola like a corporation, not a university

The Phoenix Editorial Board

Murillo B. Gonçalves | Loyola University The Phoenix Editorial Board writes the university is losing its uniqueness — the parts that make students love the school even more.

As Loyola axed programs like the English Language Learning Program and closed the Loyola University Museum of Art to the public, The Phoenix Editorial Board writes the university is losing its uniqueness — the parts that make students love the school even more.

The reasoning for the changes are said to be financial, but the Editorial Board pushed back and asked the university to weigh the benefits of unique student experiences against a little more money coming in.

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