Four Cases of On-Campus Sexual Assault Reported in January

courtesy of Loyola University ChicagoThree reports occurred in Loyola's Simpson Living and Learning Center.

Four cases of criminal sexual assault or abuse inside Loyola dorms were reported to the university in January, three of which were allegedly committed by the same person, officials said.

A sexual assault reportedly occurred Jan. 17 in Loyola’s Marquette Hall (6255 N. Kenmore Ave.), according to Loyola’s Campus Safety crime logs — a public list of crimes reported to Loyola’s prive police force that occur on campus or within the police force’s patrol boundaries.

The crime log also lists one report of sexual assault and two reports of sexual abuse in Loyola’s Simpson Living and Learning Center (6333 N. Winthrop Ave.) Aug. 21, Oct. 1 and Nov. 6, 2019, but weren’t reported to the university until Jan. 31 of this year. 

The Aug. 21 case reportedly occurred until Dec. 13. When reports such as this are categorized with a range of time, it generally means the behavior was reported as “ongoing or repeated over time,” according to Tim Love, the executive director of Loyola’s Equity and Compliance office — which investigates sexual misconduct. 

Sexual assault can refer to any crime in which an offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that’s unwanted and offensive. Sexual abuse is when a person commits an act of sexual conduct by the use of force or threat of force or commits an act of sexual conduct and knows the victim is unable to understand the nature of the act or is unable to give knowing consent. It’s unclear if Loyola uses a different definition when classifying incidents in the crime log. 

Love told The Phoenix the Office for Equity and Compliance is aware of all four reports. He said all individuals involved in these cases are Loyola students, but couldn’t confirm the age or gender of anyone due to privacy considerations. 

Love also said the three Simpson incidents were reported by different people, but have the same respondent — the person accused of the act. As a temporary measure, the respondent has been restricted from entering the residence halls until an investigation into the complaints is completed, according to Love. 

The case from Marquette Hall has a different respondent and complainant, Love said. 

Last fall, The Phoenix reported on three women who accused the same man — who was ultimately expelled — of sexually assaulting them on campus.

In March 2019, someone not affiliated with Loyola was banned from campus grounds after allegedly sexually assaulting a student in Loyola’s Campion Hall, The Phoenix reported. The Phoenix also reported on a case of sexual assault in Simpson April 28, reported by a 19-year-old female Loyola student.

In 2018, 10 cases of rape were reported on Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus, up from eight reports in 2017, The Phoenix reported. 

If anyone is in need of sexual assault resources, they can call the Loyola Sexual Assault Advocacy line at (773) 494-3810. The National Sexual Assault Hotline is also available 24/7 at (800) 656-4673. 

Loyola students can report sexual misconduct to Title IX at (773) 508-3733 or use the university’s Ethics Line reporting hotline — Loyola’s system for dealing with different complaints.

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