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From the Editor’s Desk: Appreciating the Unsung Heroes of The Phoenix’s Success

Emily Rosca | The PhoenixA window into my own personal organized chaos, featuring lots and lots of Post-it Notes.

This weekend, The Phoenix was awarded first in our general excellence category by the Illinois College Press Association. While awards aren’t everything and we would continue to do our job even without the hardware, it’s nice to get some recognition for our hard work, and we’re as proud as ever to be student journalists.

Much like a speech at the Academy Awards, I want to take this time to thank those who got us to this point. Aside from the obvious reporters, editors and advisers who deserve all the praise in the world, I’d like to appreciate some of the unsung heroes of The Phoenix.

Google Docs

Like any functional business, The Phoenix would likely crash and burn without the handy system that is Google Docs. Well, maybe we could find our way around without it. After all, what did journalists do before Google took over every aspect of our lives? But for our purposes, anything from stories to potluck sign-ups to jumbled notes can be found within the confines of this wonderful system. 

Post-it Notes

I’ll speak for everyone when I say we’d be in a much worse spot if I didn’t have access to my trusty Post-its. My desk may be littered with chicken-scratched notes and page design sketches, but our whole production would be even more chaotic without them. Known for my neurotic list-making tendencies, I’d venture a guess my staff feels a little more secure in my abilities as an editor because of Post-it notes, and Post-it notes alone. 

Late-night McDonald’s runs

There’s nothing like a late-night pick-me-up after spending hours tapping away on your keyboard, working with a finicky page design or scribbling notes during an interview. Stretching your legs and letting your eyes adjust to anything but a computer screen can work wonders after hours in the newsroom. And usually, that pick-me-up consists of a trip to the McDonald’s on West Chicago Avenue for a round of McFlurries. A little sugar rush can go a long way — I’d even go so far as to say it has made for better reporting.


Around the time when the need for a McFlurry kicks in, so does the slap-happy laughter echoing off the cement walls of School of Communication room 009. Instead of trying to stifle laughter and end off-the-rails conversations, we’ll often lean into the incessant shenanigans. Hence, YouTube videos on repeat. Ranging from YouTube’s first viral videos —  “Crazy Frog Bros” anyone? — to strange song mash-ups to favorite “Saturday Night Live” skits, these videos will often push us off track only to succeed in providing a little staff bonding.

Dunkin’ Happy Hour

I know I’m not the only one on staff with a borderline-embarrassing caffeine addiction. If you read our staff editorial giving advice to fellow Loyola students, you know we’re huge fans of Dunkin’. Especially between 2-6 p.m., when any size iced coffee is only $1.50. If I’m going to have the energy for the aforementioned shenanigans, I’m going to need an afternoon jolt.

Film cameras

It’s a rare thing to have so many skilled photographers in one place. It’s even rarer for nearly all of them to have an affinity for film photography. But because of that, we’ve had some of our greatest moments captured on camera with a vintage feel. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s brought us closer, like all of these things. And at the end of the day, you need to like the people you work with to succeed. I sure do.

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