Loyola Cop Appears to Sleep in Squad Car, Officials Won’t Answer Questions

Zack Miller | The PhoenixA video of the officer appearing to sleep in a squad car was posted on Instagram.

A video of a Loyola campus cop recently went viral on social media, but not for anything dramatic — rather, he appeared to be sleeping in a Campus Safety squad car parked by the university’s Water Tower Campus.

The video, which spanned less than 10 seconds, was posted Jan. 16 to @barstoolblers, an Instagram page that’s affiliated with @barstoolsports and highlights often-humorous incidents at or around Loyola. As of Feb. 25, the video had more than 7,000 views.

Unclear from the video is whether the officer was on duty or on break, and what time the snooze occurred.

What’s clear: The school certainly isn’t filling in any gaps.

Campus Safety Chief Tom Murray wouldn’t answer specific questions about the situation and refused to talk to reporters over the phone.

A school spokesperson, Anna Rozenich, released a written statement attributed to Murray that said the incident was “brought to the attention of Campus Safety several weeks ago and has been addressed.”

Rozenich said Murray “believes there is nothing further to add beyond the statement he provided.”

The officer who was in the video couldn’t be reached by The Phoenix.

The video caused quite a chuckle among some Instagram users.

Part of the post’s caption said “Water Tower Campus really does have a different vibe.”

Someone posted that it was the “funniest [s***] I’ve ever seen.”

The post had other comments questioning the ethics of the situation and the humor was lost on others interviewed by The Phoenix who noted that street violence remains a serious topic, especially by the Lake Shore Campus, so a sleeping cop sends the wrong message.

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