What if Everyone Boarded the Shuttle Bus Like Decent Human Beings?

Alanna DemetriusThe Loyola inter-campus shuttle bus transports students between Loyola's Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses. At the Lake Shore campus, students are picked up near the campus transportation office in the winter months

It was a snowy Thursday morning and I had been waiting for the shuttle bus, which transports Loyola students between Loyola’s Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses, for about 15 minutes. 

People slowly began to gather in the small room by the campus transportation office, where students are supposed to wait for the shuttle during the winter months. 

I pride myself on being familiar with how lines work and how the black crowd control bands should be used as a reference for forming a line, but apparently people are oblivious to this information. These students have clearly never been to Six Flags or the cashier station at Macy’s — they completely disregarded the normal protocol for line formations. 

It was anarchy in its purest form. People just kept coming in and moving toward the front of the barely formed line. Others didn’t even go inside and just stood outside, braving the cold and snow so they could cut everyone inside.

After nearly 30 minutes of waiting, I decided to abandon my own morals and stand outside in the snow, where a small crowd had gathered to board the still absent shuttle. It wasn’t long until the dusty white bus appeared around the corner.

As soon as the shuttle was visible, you would’ve thought the Pope himself was in there. People began pushing to get closer as it exhaled to a halt in front of the crowd. 

Those who had just gotten there, not more than five minutes ago, were the first to get on. The smaller students were trying to slip by people and onto the bus, and some guys were trying to shoulder their way in front of me. 

People were desperately trying to get on this shuttle after waiting for five minutes without caring for those who had been waiting in line long before them. I wish I could say this was my first time experiencing this but I can’t. 

We are adults. This isn’t the lunch line in elementary school or a rave at the Aragon, so have some decency. I was one of the first people waiting in line for the shuttle and by the time I got on, there were only a couple seats left open. I’m sure the first person in line, who had probably been waiting for 30-plus minutes, didn’t get a seat at all. 

The same goes for the elevators at Corboy Law Center. When I was growing up I was told to step back from the elevator doors so the people inside could get out before I went in. Last week someone tried to pass through me to get onto the elevator. He just stood in front of me blocking my way out because he wanted to be the first one on. 

When I get off the Red Line train at the Loyola station, some people stand right in front of the doors and shoulder their way in as others get off. 

We are better than this. I’d like to think that at least Loyola students were above petty behaviors like this but a lot of them aren’t. 

With my tall stature and high center of gravity, I don’t want to stand up for the 20-minute bus ride any more than the next person but I don’t bum-rush the shuttle when it pulls up. Put the selfishness aside — we’re all struggling here and just because you want to sit down doesn’t mean you can push people over to get a seat. 

I’ll take my chances with public transportation from now on.

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Opinion Editor

Adrian Nevarez studies multimedia journalism at Loyola. Born and raised in Chicago’s west suburbs, his interests include writing music, attending concerts and spending an afternoon on the lake shore.

2 thoughts on “What if Everyone Boarded the Shuttle Bus Like Decent Human Beings?”

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