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How to Stay Creative While Social Distancing

Zack Miller | The PhoenixBeing stuck inside can give people a chance to explore their creative side.

Staying safe from the threat of coronavirus means no going to bars, clubs, restaurants or crowded gatherings for a while. While that eliminates a good chunk of the things people typically do to keep entertained, there’s no need to fret. This also allows for some time for us to hone in on our creative skills. 

Here are some fun — and safe — artistic activities for creatives to work on while social distancing these next few weeks.


In 60 years when you’re talking to your grandchildren about this pandemic and they ask what it was like, you’re going to want some receipts. Keep a journal and write about your experiences. 

Write about the harrowing trip to Target where a middle-aged mom checked out with 40 bottles of Lysol and 12 packs of toilet paper, leaving you empty-handed. Write about how you went from a college student living the dorm life to back home with your parents. Write about anything you feel — you’ve probably got a lot of thoughts right now.

Writing your thoughts is a great way to alleviate stress. With all this time to yourself, some introspection surely won’t hurt.


Eating out isn’t in right now. Stock up at the grocery store (in a normal, calm fashion, please — do not be the idiot who shops as though grocery stores are going under until 2023) and take some time to cook at home.

You probably have a few recipes saved in your Instagram from scrolling through the Explore page — now’s the time to use them. If you don’t know how to cook, learn. Your favorite restaurant will (hopefully) still be there when this is all over.

Comfort foods are necessary now more than ever. Bake some cookies, make a nice helping of mac and cheese, enjoy your time in. Maybe you’ll save some money, too, from eating out less. That alone is some good justification, global pandemic or not.

Paint or Draw

Art is one of the best releases. Whether angry, sad or annoyed (or all of the above) by this quarantine, express that through some paintings or drawings. Scour your drawers for some materials and make your own masterpiece.

Even if you don’t consider yourself artistically adept, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands now. Pull up some drawing tutorials on “The YouTube” and remind yourself that patience is a virtue. By the end of quarantine, you could be a pro.

Or, you could still suck. But at least it’s something to make the time pass. 


Maybe our grandmas were onto something when they sat on a rocking chair and knit for hours. Staying in your house for days at a time, it’s a good idea to pick up this relaxing activity. 

Now that shopping for clothes outside the house isn’t in your best interest, learn how to make your own sweaters and scarves. Or make a comfy blanket to chill under as you enjoy your days in.

All you need is some yarn and knitting needles (okay, and all the other small stuff like scissors, but regardless, it isn’t that much) and you can get going.

Play an Instrument

A lot of us asked for a guitar for Christmas as a kid and promptly gave up two days into realizing we shockingly aren’t the next Taylor Swift. Go dust it off from your attic and give it another try.

Musical instrument company Korg has announced its iKaossilator app will be free all month, due to the coronavirus outbreak. The app is a synthesizer that helps people learn how to play instruments, layer tracks and play around with all aspects of musicality.

With this free push, now is the time to finally learn how to play an instrument. That’s as long as your similarly quarantined housemates are okay with it, of course. Don’t start practicing a piano routine at 3 a.m. without giving a heads-up first.

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