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Quaran-TV: Happy Shows to Keep Spirits High

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The news hasn’t historically been known for feel-good entertainment. And doom and gloom is at an all-time high right now. Stay safe and in the loop with the goings-on of the coronavirus but watch some happy shows to keep your mind off things. Here’s a list of shows currently on Netflix to help ease your mind as you quarantine. 

“Gilmore Girls” 

“Gilmore Girls”  provides happy-go-lucky small town vibes in spades to help ease your pandemic-induced anxieties. Stars Hollow is an idealistic town in an eternally picturesque fall. It has absolutely no time for the coronavirus. 

Watch the adventures of Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and remember simpler times. “Gilmore Girls” is comfort food for the soul with its tight-knit community and problems that can be solved conveniently in a 42-minute episode. 

Everyone is happy and no issues are existential. Let your real life take the backseat and kick back in Stars Hollow for a while. Oh, and grab a cup of coffee while you’re there — it’s supposedly amazing.

“Parks & Recreation”

Tired of the shortcomings of the American government? Tune in to “Parks & Recreation” for its cutesy take on government to ease that annoyance. 

Watching Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) do her best to make Pawnee, Indiana a better place is a great source of solace in this troubling time. It’s a reminder that even though the world seems dire and scary, when you zoom out, all you need is your small, devoted community right now. 

“Parks & Recreation” is consistently high-energy and positive. Sit in comfort and spend your next few weeks with the Parks & Rec department — they’ll be your friends while you social distance.

“Love is Blind”

Reality TV can provide great solace, too. Now is not the time to seek quality in your viewing — only comfort. Throw on Netflix’s viral (the good kind) hit “Love is Blind” for some escapism. It’s a show where couples never meet physically and still manage to convincingly get engaged within a week. They, too, are living in a bizarre timeline.

If you’re bummed by placing your dating life on the breaks while this outbreak festers, live vicariously through the “Love is Blind” contestants for a couple days. And hey, even they spent the dating period in isolation and still came out of that situation engaged. Maybe that’s the hope some of you need.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

You may need some over-the-top, unabashed zaniness to help forget about the outside world. “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is all of that and more. 

The show is unrelatable and exists in a world unrecognizable. It’s simply escapism in every aspect. Kimmy’s (Ellie Kemper) adventures have no basis in reality. She lives in a sideways tugboat and that’s not even a big enough deal to warrant more than a footnote.

The show might even put this situation in a better perspective. If Kimmy Schmidt had to survive in a bunker for 15 years, then you can social distance for a few months.

“What’s New Scooby Doo?”

Modernity isn’t the best time. Hop in a time machine to your childhood and watch a show where the only masks worn are by goofy villains.

“What’s New Scooby Doo?” offers silly, low-stakes mysteries that seamlessly distract from the looming coronavirus threat. It may be aimed toward children but it’s still an entertaining and well-written show with a charming art-style. 

A healthy dose of nostalgia could be good right now. Provide yourself some strength and remember that times aren’t always so dire. The Mystery Gang solves any situation, regardless of how dire, in a 21-minute episode.


Remember when you were stressed if Beck and Jade would get back together? Let’s get back to that simpler time with this Nickelodeon classic. 

“Victorious” is a light-hearted and entertaining show for these hard times. Its fast-paced, dynamic nature makes for easy-going fun. People get car batteries dropped on their heads and a laugh track ensues. It’s a show full of unabashed amusement.

Plus, the soundtrack is full of bops. Not a single low-energy song is found there. From the anti-player anthems “Take a Hint” and “Beggin’ On Your Knees” to party picks “Countdown” and “Shut Up and Dance,” it’s pure energy. The doom and gloom outside is enough; don’t bother with it when it comes to your music choices. 

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